[Update] Freefire Generator.com Hack Diamond FF – As we all know, currently there are many websites FF diamond generator which you can easily find on internet pages. But not all free fire generator sites can succeed to hack diamonds, sometimes most of these sites are just hoaxes.

However, it is different with freefire generator.com which is still believed to be able to get FF diamonds for free. Diamond is indeed one of the important things in free fire games, so it’s no wonder most of them are looking for FF diamond hack sites.

This is of course because the diamond price is getting more expensive. Diamond itself can be used to buy the latest weapons or skins in the free fire game. Back to the initial discussion, here we will provide a complete review of freefire generator.com to get diamond FF for free.

What is Free Fire Generator.com?

One thing you should know, Freefiregenerator.com is a site or website that can be used to hack diamond FF. There are several choices of diamonds that you can get starting from 1 thousand, 5 thousand, 15 thousand, 50 thousand and 250 thousand diamonds for free.

Of course this is very fun, because diamonds have an important role, whether it’s buying the latest skins or the newest weapons that Free Fire always releases itself. By using the latest skins / weapons, it will certainly make your gameplay more confident.

In addition, the access provided by the freefire generator.com generator site is very easy because it doesn’t require root cellphone first. So for those of you who are using this generator site for the first time it will be easy to use.

Curious about how to use freefiregenerator.com to hack diamond FF? Let’s see the full review below. Listen carefully so that no mistakes occur.

How to Use Freefire Generator.com

Actually, how to hack FF diamond using freefire generator.com is quite easy, because this site has a very simple appearance and is easy to understand.

But not a few of you still don’t know how. Therefore, we are here to try to provide step by step in detail so that you can understand it.

  • The first step, please enter first on the site (freefiregenerator.com). You can copy the link on the default browser for Android or iPhone
  • After that, you will be directed to the start menu of the generator site. Please click the button Access Generator and wait until loading is complete

Freefire generator.com Hack Diamond

  • Then it will be directed to another page, where you are required to choose the number of diamonds you want to get, starting from 1,000, 5,000, 15,000, 50,000 and 250,000 diamonds. Please select one, if you click the button Generate

Free Fire Generator

  • Then please fill in Username (according to your respective Free Fire account logins) and Platform that you use. If you are using an Android cellphone, choose the Android platform, as well as the others. If so, click the menu Continue to continue with the process

Diamond Free Fire Hack

  • Wait until the account verification and hack diamond process is complete. Remember during this process don’t try to stop the loading process, because it will fail to hack the diamond free fire.

FF Diamond Generator

  • If the process is complete, a verification menu will automatically appear. Please click the button Verify. Continue this verification process until it is successful or successful.

Latest FF Diamond Generator

  • If the verification process has been successful, open your respective Free Fire accounts. Then the diamond will automatically enter
  • Done. Good luck!

Freefire Generator.com verification

Like most other generator sites, one of the difficulties to hack diamonds on freefiregenerator.com is during the verification process. If the verification process fails, diamonds will not automatically enter your free fire account.

Therefore, here we will try to provide a verification method on this latest generator site. Actually, completing the verification process is quite easy, you just have to follow the steps provided by the generator site.

One of them is by taking a survey or completing a survey. If you are confused, please look at the image below:

Freefire generator.com Free Diamonds

Is Freefire generator.com safe?

As we all know, Garena always takes firm action against anyone (players) who commit illegal means including using the freefire generator.com site to hack diamonds for free. This means that the site is illegal and definitely not safe for long-term use.

If you are sure you want to use the site, it would be better if you use a new account. Of course this is to anticipate unwanted things such as being permanently banned by Garena himself.

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Surely you already know the advantages that freefiregenerator.com has. Yes, the advantage is that you can get thousands of diamond free fire for free. So that you can reduce your diamond shopping.

You can use this diamond to buy the latest hero skins found in the Free Fire game itself. Or it can also be used to buy weapons or open mystery boxes.

Maybe you are wondering, what are the shortcomings of free fire generator.com? The drawback is that this generator is an illegal method, which Free Fire certainly hates. If Free Fire finds out about this illegal method, chances are that your account will be banned temporarily or permanently.

Therefore, if you are sure you want to use this site to hack diamonds, we recommend using a new free fire account or don’t use the main free fire account. This aims to reduce risk.


Can Freefire generator.com get free diamonds?

We cannot confirm it 100% yet, because there is no strong evidence that shows the site can actually get diamond free fire for free.

Can Freefire generator.com be used on all android & iPhone phones?

Of course you can, because this generator is not an application that has special specifications if you want to use it.

How to use Freefire generator.com?

As mentioned above, enter first on the official website of this generator. Then follow all the given steps.


You can use the freefire generator.com site to get diamond FF for free, but you have to complete the verification process first. As we can see, the verification process on this generator site is quite difficult.

Maybe that’s all we can give to all of you, regarding the Diamond Free Fire Hack Generator. We are sorry if in the discussion above there are errors that we did not miss. Continue to monitor the casdiro.com website every day so you can find out the latest updates from us. Thank you, our respect!