How To Install Psiphon Pro Axis Hitz Unlimited 2021 – Want Free Internet? Of course free internet is everyone’s wish. Especially in today’s era where most of life’s activities are supported by cyberspace.

Doing activities like browsing, social media etc. certainly cannot be separated from the existence of internet. As we know today, there are a lot of Internet network service providers with different price variants from different providers.

To be able to access the Internet from your cellphone, of course, you need a sufficient Internet quota, unless you can access free WiFi, of course you no longer need to purchase an Internet quota.

Known as the cheapest card provider, this does not mean that you do not want to go surfing for free with an Axis card. In fact, many Axis users are starting to try and figure out how to get Axis Hitz free internet. Well, those of you who use the Axis card. You can try to set Psiphon Pro Axis Hitz on your favorite smartphone.

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As one of the preferred VPN applications, Siphon is a target for those who want to enjoy unlimited full speed free internet. Where you can use this application to get free internet OPOK which can be used for browsing, chatting and more. So, what about the installation of Psiphone Pro Axis Hitz OPOK / Sawer?

How to install Psiphon Pro Axis Hitz 2021

Free Internet Methods for Axis Unlimited Siphon Pro 2021 Settings

The way to set up a Psiphone Pro application is actually similar to applications like Anonytun, HTTP Injector, KPN Tunnel and the like. It’s just that, to be able to surf for free on Axis Hitz you don’t need a bug bug that is often complicated with inappropriate bug number randomness. Just use powerful APN, then the application can be connected.

1. First, enter the menu The establishment your cell phone

2. Select Sim card and network settings

3. Determine which sim you use for the Axis Psiphone settings (just a suggestion, you should use the sim 1 slot so the results are higher)

4. Please click on APN Access Point Name

5. If you entered the APN menu, this is where you will find it Axis Default APN

6. Tap and then create a new APN APN Settings as below:

  • Name: (Babab can be filled with anything)
  • APN: axunlimited
  • APN Type: Default
  • Proxy: 202,152,240.50
  • Port: 80 (for others, leave it empty)

7. If the APN is set, please set the APN you previously created on your favorite cellphone by default APN

8. If you have done the APN setting process correctly. So next step, you just do it Settings in Psiphon Pro App Being able to surf for free on the Axis card. How, please follow the steps given below:

1. Please download the application Psiphon Pro On your Google Play Store

2. Install the application until the application can open completely

3. If so, please enter the menu the option First

рек. Check list Part Tunnel Complete Devive (Requires Android 4.0+). For those of you who use Android systems that are still in root mode, you can change the region to Singapore or Japan. In the meantime, for those that are still not contained, use the field default “Best permission

5. Next, tap on the section more options And in part proxy settings Please Check list Part Connect via an HTTP proxy

6. Then, in costume HTTP header please choose Use system network settings

7. If all is done, please return to the start page of the application

8. Click on a section Start Start connecting to the internet

Make sure in advance that you use 0 rupee credit, to ensure that the application is connected, please open your browser to start internet activity. Next, please check your quota again.

Psiphon pro full mod without settings

Now those of you who are doing free internet settings like the above method, I will be sharing the Physsipon Pro application for free internet on Axis without the need to do any settings. So you just have to download the application at the link given below, then the application is ready to use the free internet.
I’ve never tried it here for use with providers other than Axis, so if you’re curious, please try it first, who knows it works on all operators as well.