Is it true that the Rebate Media application for making money is a fraud with a money game system or what is also known as a ponzi scheme?

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The authors provide information about applications that can add extra money for those of you who have a soul cuan. This application is an electronic money-making application using a smartphone.

Surely you are curious about this application? is it legal or illegal? How does the system work? Is this application similar to other applications? or maybe this application does not have an official certificate in Indonesia? and where can we get the money, etc.

Well, in this article we will discuss and review the application to answer your questions.

What is Rebate Media Apk?

The Rebate application is a money-making application that is similar to other applications of its kind.

The Rebate application has a system that is to provide rewards or rewards to friends when you have finished completing the various missions provided by this application.

The Rebate application has a mission, which is to watch as many videos as possible and give rewards equal to the number of completed missions. Free users are rewarded with 5000 diamonds for one video that has been watched.

Apart from watching videos getting paid, Rebate account users can also earn rewards by inviting friends or relatives to use the application with the referral code from your account.

By inviting 1 relative or friend, the user is also given a change of 5000 diamonds.

If later the user wants to increase the income received by upgrading the account to a higher level.

The way to upgrade to a higher level is to make a top-up or deposit according to the account price.

Download the Rebate Media Apk Application

Incomplete if it doesn’t discuss the steps to download this Rebate application.

  1. Please friends access the following link by using the default browser on the smartphone.
  2. On the registration page, please enter an active telephone number, a password which is a combination of numbers, letters and symbols.
  3. After that, please select the words “Enter”.
  4. After completing registration, the application will redirect friends to the login page. After that the user account is registered in the application.

Later, there will be a download written to download the application so that it can be saved on your friends’ smartphones.

In addition to discussing the Rebate Media application and how to download the application, the author will explain how the system of this application works so that it can generate additional money for friends. Let’s discuss together !!!

Media Rebate Application Working System

In this Rebate application, there is a system where every video that is watched will be given a wage of 5000 diamonds, later the diamonds can be exchanged for money.

  1. This application provides a mission that must be done by the user according to the level they have.
  2. Choose the mission with the video you want to watch.
  3. Wait for the video duration to finish.
  4. Diamonds will be awarded to the user’s account.
  5. To exchange diamonds into money by going to the profile menu, select the connect account section.

After completing filling in the user’s account, it will be easy to withdraw the money later.

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Is Rebate Media Really Fraudulent?

This rebate media application will definitely commit fraud because it uses the money game system. So this type of business can also be said to be like gambling, the only thing that benefits is the members who join at the beginning.