This is an amazing shooting action game developed by Oh BiBi. The first-person game challenges you to engage in 1 vs. 1 duels against fierce opponents from around the world.

Oh BiBi designed this game using high-quality graphics and exceptional sound systems. As such, you can be sure that the game will offer an unmatched gaming experience that will simply revolutionize your gaming experience.


If you want to participate in a dynamic and highly loaded action game, you must download Frag Pro Shooter for Android. This pocket version ensures that you never miss a single game, regardless of your location!

How to play

Frag Pro Shooter is an exceptional game that allows you to face a player in a bloody shooting experience. The game has extremely easy controls with an automatic shooting function that makes the games quite simple.

When you join the game, you will select your character (the player who will represent you in the game). You will be in charge of controlling your character to attack and shoot your rivals.


Even better, the game has a TARGET TARGET function that makes the game exciting. In this, you must focus on your opponent and when you acquire the target, an automatic shooting escapade will begin!

When you join the game, you will have equal points! Your main objective will be to reduce your rival points to zero. To achieve this, you must shoot them endlessly – be sure to kill as many as you can!

Plus, you’ll be able to unlock other cool features as you progress through the game. The more points you accumulate, the easier it will be for you to improve your game, get better weapons and improve your shooting techniques.

Unique features of Frag Pro Shooter

  • Excellent transition.The game offers a seamless character transition allowing you to move on to another character after you die. This is an essential feature as it helps with the continuity of the game. You can choose to take control of the character, which makes the games more fun.


  • Different play style.Each character will have a unique way of playing their game. As such, you will be forced to master the tricks used by your opponents to increase your chances of exterminating them.
  • More than 20 million players.This game is very popular! It has more than 20 million players from all over the world. In this way, you can be sure that you will interact with characters with different levels of experience.
  • Possibility of choosing first person and third person views.How would you like to control your character? Well, this game offers you an exceptional opportunity to decide whether to use first or third person views!
  • Cooperative mode.This feature allows you to cooperate with your friends, thus creating enough synergy to exterminate your rivals quickly.
  • Unique customization options. You can modify the gameplay to achieve unique styles of attack and defense. Also, you can quickly switch between its 5 characters at any time you want.


  • Build a team.This game offers more than 70 characters so you can create a powerful squad. Also, you can upgrade your characters to make the game amazing.

Frag Pro Shooter MOD APK Free Download

This modified version offers improved features that give you unique strengths to exterminate your rivals. You will have exceptional weapons that will improve your attack mode and defense mechanisms.


Other unique MOD features include:

If you like shooting games then you should add Frag Pro Shooter to your favorite games list. It has both first-person and third-person views, making it highly customizable.