There is a very popular WhatsApp mod application called GBWhatsApp. This modification is much sought after because it has many neat features in it. So don’t be surprised if every day someone is looking for the download link, just like you. Relax, if you want to read this article thoroughly, you will definitely be able to find a link that can be downloaded for free.

Why is WhatsApp Mod so sought after? Because it has many interesting features that are not in the original version. So make users start looking for another. This fact is considered as an opportunity for developers to develop modified applications, GBWhatsApp is one of them.

GBWhatsapp is a WhatsApp mod apk that provides many interesting features and can be installed without having to uninstall the original application (uninstall). So you can still save the original WhatsApp application as well as the mod (2 apk) on 1 device. Isn’t that interesting?

Especially if you want to install this mod application, you don’t have to bother root android. Easy and practical, without a big risk of repercussions rooting. Because many cases install applications with root then it fails and makes an android error. Even if you’ve been onroot, Android warranty is no longer valid. It’s a shame if it breaks because of that root. That’s why the admin recommends the GBWhatsApp application for those of you who can’t root but want to have a mod version.

The good news is, this mod application is also updated regularly, so you don’t have to worry about expiring and missing features. As promised an established future, you don’t need to worry because this WhatsApp mod can be used for a long period of time. developed by FouADMods, see the following short review of the GBWhatsApp application.

Detailed Application Information

  • Application name: GBWhatsApp
  • Application type: Message, Chat
  • Application version: GB WhatsApp v7.81
  • Developed by: FouADMods
  • Recommended for: Android OS 4.0 and above

Latest GBWhatsApp Apk Features

  1. This application can be used to reply to received messages automatically. So you don’t need to worry if you have high mobility and can’t respond to messages quickly, just use the GBWhatsApp application. This is suitable for online shops that already have many customers.
  2. Equipped with emojis that have been updated and available for all android devices
  3. Can be used to send documents in bulk (up to 100) at once
  4. You can choose the group for which you want to activate the automatic media download feature
  5. DND mode is available which can help you to disconnect the internet from the GBWhatsApp apk
  6. This application allows users to add effects to videos and images before sending them
  7. This application can make users save other stories
  8. This application can make users hide read status, check two, last seen, etc.
  9. This application can be used to make calls or call unknown numbers

Download the Latest Version of the GBWhatsApp Apk Download link

How to Install or Install the GBWhatsApp Apk

  1. First download the application according to the link the admin provides
  2. Change android settings by going to settings — security — tick in the unknown sources
  3. Install the application to completion
  4. Applications can be run

I hope that a little information that the admin shares is useful and can make your daily activities easier too. Good luck!