Developed by a company called Gamevil, an RPG-type game called Zenomia 5 has successfully captured the attention of gamers. Because of its success in the market, a modified version was made with various other game surprises. Set in ancient history, there are a total of four characters that can be played in the game.

Once upon a time, there was a big war in the world which aims to regain peace on earth. When he succeeded in realizing this mission, the threat of extinction of the earth began to appear when selfishness and greed undermined human hearts. Classify the rich are getting more powerful and exploiting the poor, while the poor are increasingly suffering and find it difficult to escape from the shackles of power.

Until finally from the gap in the ruins in a slum village, there is a baby born with the destiny of being a hero to save the earth from the brink of destruction. That’s how the game got started. You will be asked to complete all missions, then buy some necessities, finish off enemies, fight to level up, and fight in individual duels.

This game is even more exciting thanks to several variations of game modes, including raid and boss mode which must be played in online mode. But because the game that the admin presents is a modified version, playing offline is also possible. Plus the addition of the unlimited zen feature which is very useful to be able to survive and improve the quality of the characters in the game.

Detailed Game Information

  • Game name: Zenonina 5 Mod
  • Game type: RPG, action
  • File size: 45.9 mb
  • Game version: 1.2.5
  • Developed by: Gamevil
  • Update: November 2018
  • Android type: 2.2 and above
  • Mod Features: Unlimited Zen, Free Shopping

Zenonia 5 Gameplay

Graphic Design Quality

Zenonia 5 has been known for a long time as an RPG game with amazing graphic design quality. In fact, many people are interested in playing this game because of its visual appearance. all characters, monsters, and skill animations are made in such a way as to make the eye feel at home for a long time.

Generated Audio Effects

Apart from the captivating vision, the resulting audio effects are also pleasant to listen to. Everything feels real, as if you are in this game.

So, you still have reasons to reject this one game? Come on, download it immediately and tell us about your excitement while playing it!