Download the latest version of Fallout Shelter + Mod (Free Caps + Food + Water)

Have you ever imagined becoming an apartment manager? In the latest version of the Fallout Shelter game, you don’t take care of an ordinary apartment, but a Vault that is underground! Are you able to make the dwellers live and be happy in the mortal realm?

At the E3 2015 event, it was announced yesterday by Bethesda that there is a new product that has succeeded in attracting interest and attention from various circles of game media or gamers and other mass media. The product in question is Fallout Shelter, which is a spin-off of the popular Fallout game franchise series, a mobile game product from Bethesda. This game is also one of the most unique and fun games from Bethesda. For more details, see the article below.

Discussion About the latest version of Fallout Shelter at a glance

The latest version of Fallout Shelter is a freemium simulation game. At first this game was only played on computers or PCs and has now been developed on Android, Windows and iOS devices. Bethesda Game Studio or Bethesda Softworks which has released and is also developing. In June 2015 this game was released gradually from iOS devices, then in August 2015, namely Android devices, after that in July 2016 for Microsoft Windows and finally in June 2018 for Nintendo Switch and PS 4.

After the launch and release of this game, many of the players who really understand this game category quickly gained popularity and also received a great award from Google, namely the Golden Joystick 2015, Play Best 2015 and also the Mobile Game of the Year 2016.

The newest Fallout Shelter features

  • Has unlimited resources.
  • Has unlimited supply space.
  • Has unlimited food.
  • Has a very significant level of speed.
  • Go outside to dig up prone areas when looking for resources.
  • Infinite lunchboxes has never gone downhill at all
  • Infinite supply space.

How to Download the latest version of Fallout Shelter

How to download this application is very easy, all you have to do is click the download link that we have provided below.


Application Name: Fallout Shelter
Developer: Bethesda Softworks
Latest Version: 1.13.23
Size: 24 MB
Mod Features: Unlimited Money
Platform: Android 4.1

How to Install the latest version of Fallout Shelter

  1. The first thing you have to do is prepare the device to download or download the application first.
  2. Then download the application by clicking the link above that we have provided.
  3. Enter the settings, then select Security, then you check Unknow Soure (unknown source).
  4. Applications that have been downloaded please open.
  5. Then install the application until it’s finished.
  6. Wait a few moments and it’s done.

How to play the newest version of Fallout Shelter

Stay safe from Raider attacks

Raider takes place randomly (random), but you can deflect it. The method is easy, namely by perfecting the best weapon you have for the two occupants and when a robber attacks you, you can send it to the Vault Door room.

Upgrade Your Room and Connect

You have to start preparing for how Vault will look like from the start. To increase their stats, you have to connect up to three rooms of the same type. They are also easier to perform and better overall improve.

Low Resources? This is a Trick

For example, when you are playing, it will not use up resources at the same speed when you are not in a game. So, there are still many waiting for the new batch when you are low on resources, just repeat within 15 minutes and leave the game.

Selling goods

You will see an item that is stored and tap it to help you with an option to sell it. Please you can press the save icon in the menu (in the lower right corner, tap the Pip Boy icon then press the three chests).

The Radio Room that Matters

Build and broadcast a radio room to invite new congrats and keep your residents happy. For maximum effect, make sure you have the full staff. The motivation for happiness only works when someone is working in the room.

Those are some reviews about the latest version of Fallout Shelter that you can find out. Please you can download the link that we have provided if you want to play it. Good luck!

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