Similar but not the same as the fame FR Legends, that’s how this Mini Racing Adventure game is described. It’s really right for those of you who like playing games to have fun without thinking hard. Adventure is relaxed but not boring, it’s no wonder that many people are still interested in playing it.

From the start it is consistent with its uniqueness, from the appearance of a racing car to the cross-racing visuals, it is made very attractive and adorable. But you have to remember, even though playing it can be relaxing, you also have to reach the finish line to finish the game, and collect as many coins as you can along the way.

Version originalYou can get it for free on the Play Store, but here you can get a download link for a modified version that has added many new features (not in the version original). You can add crack for the number of coins, aka unlimited coins that can be used to upgrade cars, shop for necessities, etc. Are you ready to download the link?

Detailed Game Information

  • Game name: Mini Racing Adventure
  • Game version: 1.14
  • Recommended for: android minimum type 2.3 ++
  • Game mode: offline
  • File size: 56 mb
  • Last update: November 12, 2018
  • Modified Features: Unlimited Coins / Money

Additional Features in the Mini Racing Adventure Modified Game

  1. You can play against friends or other players, choose whatever you like using the mode multiple player
  2. Using mode multiple player to fight the computer
  3. The progress of the game can be saved via a google account
  4. Rating System and Leaderboards already available
  5. The more refined and realistic the graphic design
  6. Can play various vehicle options, such as Baja Bug, Truck, Offroad Buggy, Moto Bike, etc.
  7. Can increase the ability of vehicle components
  8. Control settings
  9. Can share match results to various social media
  10. Free of charge

Latest Features Latest Version Update

  1. Multiplayer bug fixed, so was the minor bug
  2. Equipped with new vehicles such as motorbikes, mud bogger, tuk tuk, roller Street, the basilisk
  3. There is a new route in the form of mining
  4. Email your complaint if you have problems to your e-mail address [email protected]

How to Install Games on Android

  1. The game download link has been provided at the end of the article, so download it immediately
  2. If there is a message pop up block, reset in the security section >>> tick in the column unknown sources
  3. Install the application, play the game

This game is the right choice for those of you who like to play racing games, offroad, auto enthusiast, drag racer, and rock crawling. The more fun it is because it is not blocked by traffic lights, drive the car according to your style. If you want game data to be saved automatically, activate synchronization with your Google account. Have a nice play!