Download the Rapelay Game – Download the Rapelay Game is a game that ReXi doesn’t really recommend. Because this one game is one that has a pretty dark story idea.

This game itself was controversial because the theme it carries is sexual violence. So, for ReXlover friends who are still under the general public, we recommend you to skip from now on.

Especially for friends who can’t stand violent content, then it’s a good idea for you to choose another game. Because there is a huge collection of cool games and applications on our website.

RapeLay Game Brief Review

RapeLay is a video game released on April 21, 2006 by Illusion and is one of the only adult games made by Japan. The early days of this game got a lot of attention because it got a lot of controversy.

This game is a 3D eroge game with a fairly short main story with many features that give players easier mouse control. This game is centered on the character of a man who has a bad habit of stalking and harassing women.

So that through this game we will be able to become stalkers and carry out various criminal actions.

Apart from carrying out the missions provided, we can also play free games in public spaces and choose various kinds of acts of violence. But keep in mind that this is just a game that doesn’t need to be followed by every violent act that is committed.

This game describes the game with pretty dark visuals, besides that, because the storyline of this game is very dark and never existed in other games.

RapeLay Game Storyline

The game’s storyline centers on a man named Masaya Kimura, who is caught assaulting a woman until he is finally reported to the police by Aoi Kiryu.

With the connections that Masaya has, he can be released from all charges so that he can immediately be released from prison. Once free, he immediately wanted to get his revenge with Kiryu. And targeting all of the Kiryu family members as the goal of his revenge.

Masaya began to secretly follow all the Kiryu family members to launch his revenge action.

Indeed, in terms of the story, this game is actually quite interesting, it’s just that the violence that is shown in real terms makes this game a must-play wisely.

Game Gameplay RapeLay

Overall this game is controlled by using a mouse and does not have a lot of ways to play. However, this game has enormous control over all the actions taken by the main character, Masaya.

Supported by 3D technology, this game has pretty impressive visuals, starting from pretty good and realistic character models. Because one of the things that makes us feel at home playing a game is not only about an interesting storyline.

But also in terms of visuals, the better the visuals, the more comfortable users of this game will feel to play games for hours. Although this game is not a game that can easily be recommended.

Because the storyline of this game is quite complicated and dangerous, but also the visualization of violent acts is quite realistic. Making this game player must have a policy and a sense of responsibility when playing this game.

RapeLay Game Characters

There are several characters that can be found in this game, including:

Masaya Kimura

The main character in this game is a man named Masaya Kimura who is the son of the most influential politician in his city. This allows Masaya to commit many criminal acts freely. In fact, he could be free from all the crimes that ensnared him so easily.

Aoi Kiryū

Aoi is a 17 year old woman who has long brown hair and always wears a school uniform. This character is what makes Masaya begin to arrange revenge with his family.

Aio once caught Masaya who was harassing a woman so that Masaya had to go to prison. However due to the strong connection, it didn’t take long for Masaya to be free.

Manaka Kiryū

Manaka is the younger brother of Aoi who is 13 years old with short black hair and wearing a blue dress.

Yūko Kiryū

Yuko is a 42 year old woman who always wears a green top and a cream colored skirt. This woman’s hair is short and brown.

Download the Rapelay Game

Once again, ReXi emphasized that this game is one of the adult games that requires wisdom in playing this game.

ReXi also provides a download link below:

RapeLay Game Information

DeveloperSoft Illusion
PublicationSoft Illusion
Release DateApril 21, 2006
Game ModeSingle Player

Rapelay Game PC Specifications

OSWindows 10, 8, 7, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, WinXP
ProcessorPentium III – 850MHz +
Memory256Mb SDRAM or Greater
Display640 × 480 and 16-bit Color
Disc Drive4X DVD-ROM or Greater
Pointer DeviceMicrosoft-Compatible Mouse

Advantages Rapelay games

This game is also equipped with several advantages which are certainly one of the reasons for us to download and play this game. The following are the advantages:

1.) The storyline is quite complicated and unusual.

2.) The theme of this game is quite bold and anti-mainstream. In fact, the theme is almost the same as an action film or horror film.

3.) The visuals are quite satisfying and almost look real.

4.) A tense story of revenge.

Deficiency Rapelay games

But even though it has many advantages, this game also certainly has weaknesses that might make you think again about playing it. The following are the drawbacks of this game:

1.) The issue raised is quite dire, namely a vicious revenge on one family.

2.) The criminal element presented by this game makes it impossible for everyone to play it. Especially those who are underage, you should not try to play this game!

3.) It is very difficult to recommend because not everyone can play this game, this game is for adults only and there is a lot of controversy that surrounds this game. Since it was first released, this game has even been listed as a game that should not be played by minors.

The final word

The controversy that accompanies this game is not without reason, apart from the form of violence and harassment that is displayed. The complicated and dark storyline of a revenge is also not a light enough theme for everyone.

However, if you feel that you are an adult who can take responsibility for everything you do. Including the games it plays, then ReXi also dares to recommend this game for friends.

Download the Rapelay Game and feel an unusual gaming experience. But if you are still not an adult, there are many cool games and applications to collect which is mandatory for my friend to have.

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