It seems that there is currently a trend of playing war games and other strategy games. However, who would have thought that behind all this there was a game that was different from the trending games? Interested in Download Phishing Hook v2.3.0 Epc?

fishing hook Free Angle is a fishing game application with a camera angle. With this it comes to know that the sport with fishing activity background is also fun, you know.

What is a fishing hook?

Fishing app There is a fishing game where the user is on the boat and ready to fish. This game seems special because there are many types of fish to be caught.

Not only fish that are of different types, ApkPure Fishing Hook There are also a variety of rods for fishing with different specialties and endurance. This is because the strength of the fish is also different.

Apart from this, the game also has many fishing spots which were intentionally created by application developers only to get the sensation of fishing. Want to play it too? Download fishing hook app Already!

Important information about fishing hooks

Fishing Hook Apk Moddownload
Recommended ToolsAndroid 4.0
File size53 MB | 54 MB

Download apk file v2.3.0

Download apk file [Mod] v2.3.0

Users can adjust whether the Android device used is in accordance with this application. If it matches what is recommended, users can download this application at the link given above.

How to play?

Well how to play with Fishing Hook Game Apk It’s very easy, you know. Initially, the user is equipped with a simple fishing device, which can catch only small fish.

Users can replace their devices with better ones when they already have lots of coins and can purchase them on the shop menu.

On Fisheries Initially the user can enter one of the maps, when he is in the map the user will be on a fast boat. Users can direct the ship to any point anywhere on the map.

After finding the right spot, the user can throw the rod and wait for a few minutes until the hook catches the fish. If the fish has been caught, the user can roll the rod while moving the Android phone as if it were fishing for real.

Monitor the indicator on the screen, do not pull the fishing line too fast nor be too loose. Wait until the fish is exhausted and finally get the fish on the boat. Users get 3 options, namely freeing the fish, selling it, or adding it to the bag.

If you do not find the fish, the user can go back in search of the opportunity and move around the map. Usually, a place with lots of big and rare fish is a place close to the reef, you know. Larger fish have a higher economic value when sold, and proceeds from the sale can be used to upgrade equipment.

Benefits of fishing hook application

Fishing hook-ape

Fishing Hook Game App There are several advantages that measure the success of a game application. Some of these advantages include:

Most games on the Google Play Store have to buy and pay for the game’s various items and knock-knock, but in Fishing Hook Eck Latest Mode This is not to be done to the user.

This then becomes a breath of fresh air for the users, as they can enjoy the game for free. Even the most premium and powerful fishing rods and lures are readily available to users in the game.

As a sport that introduces the sport of fishing as a subject, the sport has a fan base that also likes similar sports. In many sports fishing, Fishing Hook Apk Mod Became one of the applications with the best view. Still hesitate Download Latest Fishing Hook Apk Mod?

The reason is, there are many sports fishing game applications that can be called simple visuals. The details and effects on the water in this game seem real, and the fishing rods are also similar to the real thing, especially the different types of fish that have striking colors and textures.

Usually the game is just a means to relieve fatigue and kill time, but this game has a role that cannot be taken lightly, you know. This game can also be used for exercises for users.

The activity of pulling the fishing rod because the hook has been eaten by the fish requires more energy to bring the fish on the boat. With this, it is similar to the actual fishing activity that requires additional energy to bring the fish to the boat.

Steps to Install Fishing Hooks

Users must have this application before installing it on their respective Android devices. The first user had to make sure that the Android device activated Unknown Source Mode in the Settings menu.

Users can then install the application immediately by clicking on the application found on the File Manager menu and in the Downloads folder. Then click on install and wait a few minutes to complete the installation process, then launch the application and start fishing.

Well, it was a kind of information Fishing Hook App Game. Download immediately and Install Fishing Hook Apk Already! may be useful.

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