3 February, 2021

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The Kovid-19 epidemic in Indonesia has apparently been successful in changing the structure of the education system from face to face or offline to online. Distance education (PJJ) has also been implemented from 2020 to reduce the spread of this dangerous virus.

For this reason, teachers should make lesson plans during the Kovid-19 epidemic. For that, in this article we provide an example Class 2 online rpp Semester as per 2013 syllabus also.

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Online RPP Elementary School Class 2 Semester 2 (Even) system

In making the Learning Implementation Plan (RPP) for Grade 2 SD students, the teacher should refer to the applicable rules. The composition of RPP refers to the circular from 2019 number 14 of the Minister of Education and Culture regarding simplification of RPP preparation.

The structure of the RPP should include KI (core competencies), KD (core competencies), and indicators. In addition, lesson plan preparation should also apply the principles of being effective, efficient and student-oriented so that it is necessary to consider students’ readiness, interests and needs.

The online RPP preparation process can be done independently or through teacher work group discussions. According to the circular of the Minister of Education and Culture, RPP preparation has 3 main components, including learning objectives, learning stages / activities, and assessment / evaluation.

There are 5 subjects for grade 2 SD level, such as Indonesian, Civics, Mathematics, SBDP and PJOK. Meanwhile, semester 2 or even semester is divided into 4 themes, others, as follows.

  • Theme 5 discusses “my experience” content
  • Theme 6 discusses the content “care of animals and plants”
  • Theme 7 discusses the content “Togatheranes”
  • Theme 8 discusses the content “security at home and travel”.

application Class 2 online rpp year Academic 2020/2021

Apart from preparing lesson plans, the implementation of online distance education should also be supported by technological devices such as smartphones, laptops or computers, and the Internet. Learning can also be done through WhatsApp, Zoom, Meet, Google Classroom, YouTube, etc.

To share and distribute teaching materials, teachers can do so through WhatsApp, Telegram and Google Classroom. Meanwhile, learning can be assessed or evaluated using Google Forms.

Due to the use of technology, PJJ activities should include the role of parent and teacher guidance for success. The reason for this is that students who are still weak do not have much knowledge about smartphone functions or applications.

Even if it is done online, teachers can use the teaching method by lecture to explain the subject matter. For supporting applications, you can use Meet or Zoom so that students can directly ask questions and encourage students to be active.

Download rpp class 2 sd online syllabus 2013 even semester

By carefully preparing the lesson plan, it can affect the success of the learning material so that it is more focused and controlled. For this reason, we provide reference examples of online lesson plans for grade 2 even semester students that are in accordance with the 2013 syllabus.

To get an example Class 2 online rpp Semester 2 of 2013 course, you can download it on our website https://dicariguru.com/. With RPP, learning activities can run smoothly at home or PJJ and can be achieved according to learning goals.

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