Who doesn’t know Minecraft game? Most people should already know about this one game. This game however came on the PC version sport Minecraft PE Modern Premium APK You can only play via smartphone.

With the presence of Minecraft on the mobile platform, it will be easier for fans to be able to play flexibly. You can play anytime and anywhere. Now, you do not need to bring your laptop anywhere to play this game.

Apart from this, this game is also very suitable for playing when you are taking a break or have a lot of free time. Yes, because you need to contribute to your imagination and make it come true, which can take a long time.

Before going to the link Download Minecraft PE mod APK, It would be good for you to know the information about Minecraft Pocket Edition in advance and what features are available. When you play this game for the first time, you will not be confused.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod Apk

Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) is a sandbox game that lets players create different types of blocks. You can put the imagery in one place and make it more real in the box version.

Main mission in Minecraft pe game full version Creating a new world with a box version is something that can be created. For example, you can build a building, house, plane etc. using the tools given in the game.

Not only the construction activities done in this game, you have to collect stones, wood and other items to be able to build with blocks according to the creativity of each person.


For day and night mode, you always have to be alert at night. Why? Because there will be mysterious creatures that can become a threat to the life of your Minecraft.

So you have to build a house for shelter. other than that, Minecraft pe game apk latest mod Can be played On the line As well as Offline. If you want to join other players, you can play online On the line.

Features and Benefits of Minecraft PE Mod

  • In a box version you can create a new world that you can customize with your imagination.
  • You can play this game according to your own terms, whether offline or online.
  • There are various skins that you can use to change its appearance.
  • Won’t take any damage. It works when your area is attacked by a creature at night.
  • You also have unlimited supplies. So, you can collect different items without having to worry about reaching the limit for storing these items.


Free Download Minecraft PE Apk Final + Latest Mod

Actually, you can get the Minecraft application through Google Play Store. However, you have to pay first to get it. The nominal is also fairly obvious for a game that costs around Rp. 99,000 Rs.

Easy, you can get Modded version of minecraft pe application Through this link which we have provided for free below. Apart from this, in the mod version you will also get features that you will not get while using the original version.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod App Description

Your nameMinecraft pe mod
Edition Version
App size90 MB
To requirementsAndroid 4.0 and above
The developerMojang


Download APK File Beta v1.14.2.51

Download apk file [X86] Beta v1.14.2.51

Download apk file [Mod 1] Beta v1.14.0.50

Download apk file [Mod 2] Beta v1.14.0.1

Download apk file final v1.14.1.5

Download apk file [X86] Last v1.14.1.5

Download apk file [Mod 1] Last v1.12.1.1

Download apk file [Mod 2] Last v1.12.1.1

Download apk file [Mod 3] Final v1.5.3.0

How to install games on android

  1. You must first download the latest file Minecraft PE Ultimate apk Premium Through the link above.
  2. Then, you can enter the Android Settings section> select it in the Security / Privacy section> Then, you can activate the button in the “Unknown Sources” or “Unknown Sources” section.unknown source“.
  3. Install the application as usual.
  4. Wait until the application installation process is complete.
  5. When finished, game Minecraft PE Mod Version for Android You can play it immediately.

So far, Minecraft PE has more than 10 million active members spread across the world. If you are fond of playing Minecraft games, you can go directly Download Minecraft PE APK Final + Mod (Premium) Through the link given in this article for free.

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