Download Like Share Apk – There are so many ways you can get additional income on the internet, one of which is by using a money-making application. As we all know, currently there are many money-making applications such as Alimama, Global Mall, Goins, Cashzine and many others.

But on this occasion we will provide a money-making application called Like Share Apk. Interestingly, to be able to get money on this application is fairly easy. Where members are only required to complete missions such as watching videos, likes and shares. Is it that simple to be able to get money on an application like share apk!

Unlike most other money-making applications, where members are usually required to make a deposit or purchase first in order to get a fee / commission. So that many think the application is a cover for fraud. If you are interested in trying to use the like share apk application, see the following review until it’s finished.

What is Like Share Apk?

Like Share Apk is an application that can earn money with a smartphone and internet network. To be able to get money on this application is quite easy, where users are only required to Like and Share on social media such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok.

The more missions you complete in the like share application, the more coins you will get. Why not money? Yes, later the coins can be deducted with money and can be withdrawn from each bank account.

Download Like Share Apk

Download Like Share Apk, the Best Money Making Application 2020

Interested in wanting to download like share apk so you can get money? Actually, to download an application like share apk is quite easy. There are 2 ways you can do it. such as the following:

1. First

The first step to downloading this money-making application, you can directly visit the website On the website, you can register first, either using a smartphone or PC. After the registration process is successful, please scroll down and download the app now.

2. Second

As for the second way to download like share apk, you can directly download the file below which we have provided for free. During the download process, we recommend using a stable internet network so that the process runs smoothly.


List of Like Share Applications

Download Like Share Apk, the Best Money Making Application 2020

How to register on the like share application is very easy. You can open the website or open the app like share apk that you have installed above. After that do the following:

  1. First of all, open the Like Share application on a PC or smartphone device.
  2. On the main page, please click the menu List.
  3. So that the language can be understood, please change the language to Indonesian which is located in the menu in the upper right corner.
  4. After that, fill in all the required data such as input Phone number.
  5. Make sure the phone number entered is active. Then enter the SMS code that was sent to that number.
  6. After that, please fill in Password which will be used at login. We recommend using a password that is easy to remember.
  7. Next Password Verification, enter the same password again.
  8. Then, enter Shrimp Code. Invitation codes can be obtained from friends who have already used this application.
  9. If everything has been filled in correctly, please click the menu Register immediately.
  10. Wait a few seconds, until the process is complete.

If you follow the methods above correctly to register on the like share apk application, you will automatically become a member of the application itself. So how do you get the money? Please follow the tutorial below.

How to Get Money on Like Share Apk

Download Like Share Apk, the Best Money Making Application 2020

After successfully registering or registering, the next step you have to do is complete all the missions contained in the application. Every mission that you complete, you will get points. These points can be exchanged for money provided that the points have reached the minimum limit of a predetermined amount.

Here are some ways you can get a lot of points. Why collect as many points as possible? Because the more points you get, the more money you will receive. Check out how to get points below:

  1. Open the Like Share application on each smartphone or PC.
  2. On the Home menu, please scroll down and select one of the missions that you will complete.
  3. There are Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube and Tiktok applications to carry out the missions in these applications.
  4. If you have chosen one of these social media applications, please select the menu Ordinary Members.
  5. Then several social media account links will appear. Please share / follow one of these accounts. Then click menu Receive.
  6. Do not forget to Screenshot the mission you worked on earlier.
  7. After that, please upload the screenshot file earlier. Then click menu Submit.

To complete the mission in this application is very easy and fast. Therefore, please complete as many of these missions as possible. The more missions you do on an application like share apk, the more points you will get.

Withdraw Like Share Application Requirements

Before making a balance withdrawal or withdrawal, there are several conditions that you must fulfill first. One of them is to enter the correct bank account number on the settings / profile menu. The process of withdrawing balances on the like share apk application is at least IDR 50,000 and can be withdrawn via bank accounts, Gopay, Ovo and many others.

Every mission that you complete can be paid with Rp. 3600 by simply doing a like. Every day there are 3 missions that can be completed, so to collect IDR 50,000, you must complete the mission for 5 consecutive days.

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Fraudulent Like Share App?

Maybe not a few of you question whether the like share application is a scam? Whether or not it is true about the fraudulent like share application, we cannot confirm it yet. But you have to remain vigilant and be careful when using money-making applications that have a fairly easy way of working.

Is Like Share Apk Safe?

The question that arises again is whether like shares are safe to use? We are not sure whether the application is safe to use or not. If it’s really not safe to use, chances are that this application can be said to be a SCAM or something. Therefore, do not easily believe it and still be careful when using this application.


Maybe that’s all we can tell about Like Share Apk as a money-making application. We are sorry if the review above contained an error, which we certainly didn’t do on purpose. Stay tuned for this website every day so you don’t miss other updates from us. Thank you and enjoy your activities again.