Download GTA Indonesia – Download GTA Indonesia here to add to your ReXlover game collection. It could be that this game is the game that you really wanted so far, considering that this game was one of the most popular games of its time.

But at this time we are providing a modified version, meaning that this version has been updated by a third party so that there are several updates in it. And also added several different features from the original version that we used to know.

As one of the games that was famous for a long time, making this game is still in great demand today. Not only for children but also for adults today who want to reminisce about their youth when playing this game in their childhood.

In the midst of the onslaught of online game games with the theme of battle royale, this game has even survived until now.

So don’t be surprised if this game still exists today and has even appeared in many versions. At first this game appeared on the Play Station version, then the PC version to the Android version.

Well, at this time we will provide a download link for the Android version specifically for the mod version which already has many advantages in it,


GTA SA Lite is the lightest version of the game Grand Theft Auto San Andrean or better known as GTA SA. Developed by the developer Rockstar this game is not only made lighter but also given some very interesting additional features.

This version also comes in Indonesian so it’s easier to play.

This game tells the story of a young man named Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson who has returned to the city of Los Santos to rule this city. Together with his group, Grove Street, he strives to be the strongest and most powerful.

Set in 1992, this game was first released in the PS2 version in 2004.

For GTA SA Lite, it will not only provide the same gaming experience but also with additional features that will support the game.

GTA SA Lite features

Because this game is a Mod Apk version of the game, the features in this game are the same as the original version but with the addition of some of the latest features such as:

Small Size

As the name implies, GTA SA Lite has a relatively small size and is also friendly to your device. Devices with middle to lower specifications can play this game, at least 2 GB of RAM.

Cloud Save

An interesting feature in this game is a cloud save which can be used to save logins in this game so you can play this game on any device. As long as you still have access to log in.

Control Customization

A feature that is no less interesting than this game is the customization feature that you can use to set controls on the game. So that it makes the game more comfortable to use.

This feature will be very influential when you drive vehicles such as motorbikes, cars and planes so that the controls can be lighter and smoother.


This game is also equipped with a gamepad feature that makes this game more fun and comfortable when played.


If you had difficulty playing this game in the past because of the language used, but in this game you don’t need to worry. Because this game can use Indonesian. All aspects in this game can be converted into Indonesian.

Starting from instructions to information, so playing becomes easier.

Improved Graphics

Not only equipped with some additional features that are very interesting. However, this game also has improved graphics compared to the previous version.

So that it makes some views like objects in this game even better.

This game also has HD graphics, which have smoother performance and don’t hurt your eyes when playing it.

GamePlay and Additional Content

In this game you will not only find cool features that will make it easier to play this game only. But you will also get some additional gameplay and content in this game.

You won’t be able to find some content in the original version of this game, this is what makes the mod version sometimes more fun.

Additional Missions

There are lots of additions given to this mod version of the game, not only features, gameplay and content, but also some additional missions that are also not present in the original version.

Even though the mission in the original version is also shown in this game, with the addition of other missions given in this mod version it also makes this game not boring quickly.

Because sometimes when we play the game and have completed the mission, we will become bored. But with the addition of this mission you can be more satisfied playing this game without ever getting bored.

Download GTA Indonesia

After reading the reviews above, you become more interested right? Just download the game via the download button that we have provided below:

Application Info

Game NameGTA SA Lite Indonesia
Update23 March 2020
Size300 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.1 and above
GPUMali or Adreno
Minimal RAM512 MB
RAM recommendations2 GB
Internal Memory Recommendations16 GB

How to Install GTA Indonesia

1.) Immediately click the download button above and download the game, after successfully downloading, save the downloaded file on your device first.

2.) Go to Menu Settings and choose an option Security and Privacy.

3.) Select an option Allow Unknown Sources then give permission to this option.

4.) Go to the downloaded file that was stored in the download or download folder.

5.) Extract the game cache that you downloaded.

6.) Then paste the folder to com.rockstargames.gtasa then proceed to save to a folder Android / Data.

7.) Continue by opening the application file then the installation process will start automatically and wait for the process to finish.

8.) If the installation process is complete, you can immediately open the game, and if you are asked to enter your password. Then just type:


9.) Now, the GTA SA Lite game is ready for you to play.

The final word

For those of you who want to re-experience the excitement of playing GTA games like in the past when you were a teenager. Then you are obliged to have this game because besides being able to make you feel nostalgic, this game also provides a lot of advantages in it.

Just download GTA Indonesia and play the game.

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