– Hi ReXlover friends, this time we will provide recommendations for the cool GTA 5 Mod game for you to play so that you don’t feel bored because you have to stay at home for a long time.

Playing games is indeed an option that you can make when you feel bored. Especially if now you can play games more easily on a smartphone.

There are lots of interesting Android games, and some of them are not only popular but also called legendary games. We do know that online games only appeared during the Android era. However, some old games, classics and even from the 90s also appear in the Android version which is deliberately presented because this game has many fans.

One of them is like the game which we will discuss below.

Grand Theft Auto Sandreas V (GTA 5) Lite

Grand Theft Auto V or commonly referred to as GTA V, is one of the legendary games that have been played by many game lovers from all over the world since the 90s. So don’t be surprised if this game has lots of versions, starting from the PC version, Play Station, Xbox, Java to Android now.

You could say what makes this game the favorite of many people is because this game always keeps up with the times. If at first this game was only available for Play Station and PC, but over time, GTA V began to come in various versions.

There is even a Java version of GTA V. If you are a gamer in the 2000s, you must be familiar with the Java version of GTA V.

After the emergence of smartphone and android technology, this game also comes in an android version which certainly makes this game more popular and timeless. Even though technology is increasingly developing, this game does not escape to always make the latest upgrades.

GTA 5 Review

In this version, you will be invited to explore the State of San Andreas with a very large and complex area. You could say this version presents a location with a wider area than the other versions.

Yes, this game does have a lot of versions, friend, but you could say that the best version of this game is GTA V.

The Thef Auto game has now been transformed into one of the legendary games that have ever existed. Even though now there are online games such as Mobile Legends and PUBG, the position of GTA cannot be dismissed just like that. Until now, the game which carries the Open World theme is still in great demand and played.

GTA 5 San Andreas Lite Version

In the Lite version for GTA V, you can be more free to have it on your smartphone, because this version has a lighter size so it can be used on any smartphone. Although your smartphone, a potato smartphone.

This game still carries the same theme, which is the story of the three main characters in GTA V. These 3 characters are Franklin, Michael and Trevor. The three of them have been involved in a criminal act in the city of San Andreas. This also made the three of them involved in matters with local government agencies.

In this game you will have complete control over these three characters. Each character is also equipped with different skills and during the game you can increase their strength.

Download GTA 5 San Andreas Lite Version

How to Download GTA 5 San Andreas Lite Version

  1. Click the download link above.
  2. Wait a few seconds for the download window to open.
  3. Tap OK.
  4. Wait until the GTA V file has finished downloading and stored on your smartphone.

How to Install GTA 5 San Andreas Lite Version

  1. If you have got the GTA V file, extract this file to RAR.
  2. Then open the Mod, and find the folder titled “com.rockstargames.gtasa”.
  3. Then copy the folder and paste it into Disk / Android / obb.
  4. And finally, just open the game application to play.

Features and Benefits of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) Lite

Grand Theft Auto V or GTA 5 has many advantages, here are the reviews.

  1. GTA 5 supports all types of android operations. This will make it easier for anyone who wants to have it.
  2. Apart from that, another advantage of GTA 5 is also support for all GPUs.
  3. You also don’t need a root process because GTA 5 already supports Cleo.
  4. Comfortable and clear audio when played.
  5. Can play all the desired missions.
  6. Addition of languages, one of which is Indonesian.

How to Play GTA 5 Lite Version

It cannot be denied that the GTA 5 game is one of the legendary games that have been played by many game lovers. So that the 90s generation is certainly no stranger to this one game, and it’s easy to play it.

But for you beginner gamers or millennial generation who have just tried this game, and are still confused about how to play it. Then this is how to play the GTA 5 game which we have summarized especially for you beginner gamers or those of you who have just played this game.

First : Open the game GTA 5.

Second : Select the GTA 5 icon.

Third : Click subscribe and Play.

Fourth : Log in first if you already have an account, but if not, you can create a new account or register by clicking create an account.

Fifth : If you have successfully logged in you can play this game.

Sixth : You can also use all the features in this game according to your needs and desires.


You could say that GTA 5 does have a lot of advantages. This is what makes this game a favorite game of many people and even into the ranks of legendary games.

Some of the advantages possessed by GTA 5 include support for Cloud Save, the addition of Indonesian so that it is easier to use, there are controls that are easier to use, a control scheme that can be used to display the special buttons you need so that they can be used easily, already compatible with Bluetooth gamepads so this game can be integrated with tactile immersion.

So don’t be surprised, if the GTA 5 Lite Version game is one of the most highly recommended games, including us, who also highly recommend this game for you to have.

Get GTA 5 Mod only on and also other interesting reviews on this website which will be updated every day. See you in the next review, Wassalam…

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