Global Mall Apk, The Best Money Making Application – In an era of increasingly sophisticated technology, there are many applications that can be used to earn additional income. One of them is a money-making application that has been frequently used in the past few months. Money-making applications that are currently quite popular among Indonesians, namely Global Mall Apk.

Global Mall APK is believed to be able to get cash in cash by completing the missions contained in the application. But not a few also speculate that the application global mall scam. Maybe almost everyone wants additional income from the internet, so it’s no wonder that today many are using money-making applications.

On this occasion we will review the global mall mod apk application which is currently viral. Before you use the application, it would be nice to see the reviews below until it’s finished, so you can find out more clearly about how this money-making application works.

Global Mall Apk

According to information circulating, Globall Mall apk is a money-making application in the form of a Marketplace. Where users are required to complete the missions / tasks contained therein. After completing the mission, the user will get a fee (commission) in the form of money. The more missions you complete, the more fees you will get.

This money-making application can be said to be similar to Alimama apk which we have previously discussed. The way both of them work is quite the same, where to get a fee or commission, users are required to shop at the online store embedded in it.

In addition, to get an add fee you can share the referral code with friends, friends or family to immediately register on the application. Regardless of whether the application is correct or not Global Mall Apk, here we will share the download link and how to register for this money-making application. Please look carefully at the reviews below.

Download Global Mall Apk

If you want to try your luck to get additional income from an application, there’s nothing wrong with trying global mall apk. This application will not be found on the Play Store, therefore we have prepared the global apk download link below for free.


After successfully downloading the money-making application, please install it first on each smartphone. If so, please use it now and complete the mission in it so you can get as much fee as possible.

How to Register for Global Mall Applications

Download Global Mall Apk, the Latest Money Making Application 2020

If you are interested in using this money-making application, please register or register first. To register at the global mall, you can go through the site or in the apk file above that we have provided. Here are the steps, please follow them properly.

  1. First of all, please enter first on the website or the global mall apk application.
  2. Next, please register / register first. Click the menu “Registration”.
  3. Then fill in all data such as Name, Mobile Number, Password and Referral Code.
  4. If you don’t fill in the referral code correctly, the registration process will fail. You can enter the referral code “LZBKYS”.
  5. After that, please click “Register”.
  6. If successful, please log in by entering the cellphone number and password that you created earlier.

If you follow the steps above properly and correctly, you can be sure that you have successfully registered on this one money-making application. Then how do I get money? As we have mentioned above, to get money at the Global Mall, the user is required to complete the mission.

How to use the Global Mall Apk application

Download Global Mall Apk, the Latest Money Making Application 2020

1. Members must fill in the recipient’s address and increase their personal information before taking orders. Commission members of different platforms according to different tasks. The order amount generated by the system is based on 30% -70% of your account balance.

2. Since the order for goods takes a certain time to take effect, the order can only be accepted with the seller after the order is valid, therefore the settlement of commission platforms and tripartite banks and members uses the T + 1 system. Namely: today to withdraw and money will be received the next day the day before 23:59. If the order fails to take effect after the specified time, the platform will prepay, settle the account and issue the payment within the stipulated time.

3. Suitable hall conditions and commission ratio

Silver Hall: All Silver members can take 30 orders per day, and the commission for these orders is 0.30% of the merchandise amount.

Gold Hall: To unlock gold members, you need to invite up to 30 people to enter this hall. You can take 35 orders per day, and the commission for orders is 0.35% of the merchandise amount.

Platinum Hall: To open a platinum member, you need to invite up to 80 people to enter this hall. You can get 40 orders per day, and the commission for the order is 0.40% of the merchandise amount.

Diamond Hall: To unlock Diamond members, you need to invite 200 people to enter this hall. You can get 45 orders per day, and the commission for these orders is 0.45% of the merchandise amount.

4. Please check the platform deposit card number before filling in and the platform will change the account number irregularly. The platform will not be liable for any property losses caused by personal operational errors.

Note: Please check the bank card information of the platform whether it is this platform for any transfers to avoid losing your economy.

5. To protect the profit between the seller and the platform, therefore each IP, bank card number and mobile number can only be valid for one account. All major e-commerce platforms have risk control machines, If many users in the same area and the same ip shop at the same store, it will cause the shop’s explosives products to be removed and affect the credibility and invalid seller sales.

If it is found that someone applied for multiple accounts, the violator will freeze the account permanently and freeze the balance for 30 days. When you need to withdraw a frozen balance (end of period ends), please contact our online platform customer service to activate your account for withdrawal.

How to Withdraw on the Global Mall Application

Download Global Mall Apk, the Latest Money Making Application 2020

If the balance you have on the global mall application is quite a lot, feel free to withdraw funds or withdraw. How to? The method is very easy, you can see in the reviews below.

  1. The first step, please login / enter the money-making application first.
  2. Then enter the menu “Me” which is in the lower right corner.
  3. After that, please click the option “Withdrawal”.
  4. Contents “Bank Card Number” and don’t forget to also choose the name of the bank that you use, for example BCA, Mandiri, BNI, BRI and many others.
  5. If you have click then “Regulatory Information”.
  6. Then tap the option “Static Withdrawal” and enter the amount of money you want to withdraw.
  7. Don’t forget to enter the password. After that click on options “Withdraw Immediately”.
  8. Finish and wait for the money to enter your account.

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Global Mall Application Scams?

Maybe not a few of you speculate or think the global mall application is a scam. Is it true? We cannot answer for sure about this, because until now you have not had strong evidence. Meanwhile, not a few members of the application have managed to get money.

But there is nothing wrong if you have to be careful when using these applications. Because indeed in today’s modern era, there are many types of application-based fraud.


That is what we can give you about Global Mall Apk which is believed to be the best money-making application 2020. Hopefully the above reviews can be useful for all of you. Keep up with the website every day so you can find out the latest information from us. thanks.


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