February 28, 2021

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Want to hide some photos? Gallery Vault Hide Picture Pro Used to hide photos and videos.

Sometimes, not all videos and photo files are for other people. Some of us hesitate to show it.

For example, personal photos. Documents of work. And so on.

Users may be able to use the locks on their cell phones. However, Gallery Vault opens And inserting multiple photos guarantees double security.

Users will also be more calm when leaving cell phones. For example, in the office.

Gallery Vault Hide Picture Pro Features

Is this app worth downloading? is it useful? Some of its features are as follows.

The features of the gallery vault height picture can be enjoyed in Pro Mode, aka Payments. And here are such facilities which are given free of cost.

Let’s take a look at the features here:

Select themes

Choose a variety of themes to suit your preferences. This will be implemented in TRMA Gallery Pro APK REVDL.

Actually, only users can see this theme. However, it would be nice to see a cute app on a smartphone.

This theme has a color option that can be changed. The default color of the app is blue.

Hide photo

The main feature of the gallery vault is of course the hiding of photos. Existing photos can be moved and will not be visible in the gallery.

Instead, users can open the gallery Yesallery vault apk pro. To see the photos again.

Therefore, when someone is browsing their cell phone, they will not be able to find the hidden photo.

For example, users may feel calm all the time when they leave the cellphone on the table. Not afraid of people looking in pictures.

Hide video

This is not just a photo. Since its appearance Yesallery vault apk old version, This application can actually hide videos.

Most such applications only provide facilities for storing photos. However, Gallery Vault Pro Key It is more interesting.

Not only can you save photos, you know. A replacement in the latest version YesAlliance Vault Legacy This, users can also secretly place videos.

Hide application

Don’t just hide photos and videos. Even more interesting, girlLari Vault Pro 1.9 1 Apk You can hide applications that you know.

All the applications that users want to hide are here. For example, M-banking applications. Or, an online motorcycle taxi application.

To avoid Blaming Or abuse, this is clearly an interesting point. Therefore, applications that store private and important data cannot be tampered with.

Gallery Vault Pro K

What are the benefits of Gallery Vault Pro? Why is this one worth downloading?

First, of course, users can hide photos, videos, and applications. Security is quite tight, you know.

Second, users can also use this application in peace. Yes gallery Vault apkpure Use a password system.

Third, it looks very pleasing. Minimum, not confused in the case of user interface.

Disadvantages of Gallery Vault Pro

Gallery Vault has its advantages, of course Gallery Vault Pro also has drawbacks. What are the drawbacks?

Undoubtedly, the drawbacks lie in the number of advertisements by which they are halted. So that when logging in, users feel very angry.

However, in Vault Pro APK Full, Users do not need to worry. Reason, the ads themselves have been removed and which version users can find Light.

Download the latest gallery vault pro

Here, users can download the latest Gallery Vault Pro and of course the ad-free version that is already a pro.

Compared to the version on the Play Store, this version is more profitable. The reason is, in the Play Store version, users have to pay.

here is the link Revdl Gallery Pro APK:

Gallery Vault Pro Linkdownload
Shape11 MB | 7 MB

Apk file + download [Key] v3.14.82

Download apk file [Mod] v3.7.3

Apk file + download [Key] v3.11.9

How to use Gallery Vault APK Pro


How an application is not difficult to use, in fact. Some of these steps users can follow to use it:

  • Install Gallery Vault APK Pro on the phone after allowing previously installed applications to be installed.
  • Create a numeric password that is easy to remember or use in a pattern or fingerprint
  • There will be three Parts : Photos, videos and applications.
  • If the user wants to export the photo to be hidden, select the photo section, and so on.
  • On exiting the application, the application will be locked immediately.

So easy to use Gallery Vault Hide Picture Pro On cell phones, therefore, there is no need to wait for the time immediately. to keep Privacy with the help of this powerful application.

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