DLS Apk Beta – Dream League Soccer Beta or some say DLS Beta is currently being divorced. This is only natural because soon we will enter in 2020. As usual, almost every year DLS always updates to the latest version. Before the update is really ready for public use, developers usually prepare a beta version for testing only

For DLS Beta, the developer usually tests certain players and is randomly selected. However, sometimes anyone can take advantage of the beta version. With this beta version the developer hopes that it will get input from various parties so that the updated version can later be used by all players without any disturbances or obstacles which are of course worried about making players disappointed

As we all know, DLS is a game with the soccer genre that has many users. Apart from DLS, there are many other soccer games that also have quite a lot of users. For example, PES, TFS, FIFA, Wining Eleven, and many others. Of the many types of games that exist, maybe many people are familiar with Wining Eleven.

If in the past used to be played on the Playstation 1, now Wining Eleven is also played on smartphones. however in the smartphone version DLS or Dream League Soccer is the best of the best types of football apps. So don’t be surprised if lately many are curious and want to try and play DLS Apk Beta. Maybe one of them is you.

Download the Latest DLS Apk Beta

Surely you are already curious and want to have this beta version of the DLS 20 application. If this is the case we hope you will have to be patient. Although we provide download subtitles for Dream League Soccer 2020 Beta. That doesn’t mean you can download and play immediately. There is important information you should know about this beta version of DLS

On the browser search page that you are using, you will definitely find lots of DLS 2020 mod apk or modified versions. You need to know if the application does not resemble or represent an update from DLS. Because the official DLS page has not released the latest version 2020. So we can confirm that so far there have been many posts that are the same as the 2019 version and there are no changes.

Once again we emphasize on our site, if DLS 20 Beta has not been launched yet and cannot be tried by anyone except the developer. Will there be a beta version in the future? Based on past experience, at the end of each year the developer always releases the latest version for the following year. For that we ask you to be patient and orderly to wait for the beta version to arrive

Well, for those of you who don’t want to miss DLS 20 Beta, we will share some tips or tips that you have to do so that you don’t miss the beta version which will certainly be coming soon. For more details, here are some tips from us.

  • Patience and always be patient again
  • Continue to play existing DLS
  • Stay tuned for our site so you can quickly update
  • Do not give up
  • Always passionate and smiling

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The final word

Now you can play soccer games with just your cellphone, it’s simpler and also more practical. Please use this beta version before the original version comes out. That way you can feel before many people feel it. Good luck and hope you are happy.

Well, that is what we hope to share and share with you about DLS Apk Beta. Hopefully you are not disappointed and always smile despite what happens. To broaden your knowledge, please read our other articles. That’s all from us and see you in another article.