Danish indie rock band Yung made a promising debut in 2021. Yung has officially released a new single called Friends on Ice, the final number for their new album and will be released on January 22, 2021 under the title Ongoing Dispute.

The single follows Young’s previous songs, Above Water and Such Man. Yung’s latest album is now his debut album, titled A Youthful Dream 2016. This album would be eagerly awaiting, especially given the success of Young’s debut album.

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Danish indie punk rock band Yung is releasing a new album after 5 years

Friends on Ice was born with the idea of ​​singer Mikel Holm Silkjer, who was said to play the strongest guitar they could not make. “This approach has since become a suggestion to enter all kinds of creative blocks that we face. Like a card that suits Brian Eno’s oblique strategy, it rarely works,” said Yung Said in his press release.

These unusual chords later became the driving force for this new song by Yung, accompanied by Frederick Nbo Veale’s powerful drums, Emil Jethsen’s sparkling lead guitar, and Guldborg Tarp’s dark bass.

Friends on Ice creates a steep atmosphere thanks to the harsh antiemetic environment flowing through the tracks. Even though the subject is from a dark and gloomy place, there is hope in ‘Friends on Ice’ and it will be okay in the end, which at this point seems more accurate than before.

In addition, Friends on Ice combines the post-punk side with the Dream Pop daydream and closes the Ongoing Controversy album with text and sound that captivates the listener.

Young’s Friends on Ice is about isolation and how we try to fill our problems with ugliness to treat wounds, but it seems that when we spend so much time wandering through our minds that we forget That we are not the only ones. There was a clear message of unity from Yung as well as a sense of optimism carried out by Yung.

Dramatically, Mikel Holm Silkjer states: “It is the immediate solution to isolation, loneliness, and being used as individuals in Western society when we face pain or conflict. Capitalism promotes individualism, which many people Assures them that they have to deal with problems and problems in life at the individual level, while we handle things at the collective level would be better.

Commenting on the subject of the record, bassist Yung Tobias Guldborg Tarp said: “In the end, this record was written for the same. We started writing and we kept in touch with very different bands, but every time we finished a song we had a lot of fun. It also reflects the lyrical side of the record; It seems that over the years, conquering the world has been an ongoing struggle for us, ”explained bassist Yung.
Yung and its origin

Aarhus’s Yung Indie Punk Rock Quartet

, Denmark is led by singer and songwriter Mikel Holm Silkjer. Grew up in a musical family; His father was an employee of Studson, his uncle was the owner of a record store, and his mother was often with local musicians.

At first he avoided music as an act of youthful disobedience, but eventually began composing his own songs and found that during this period he shared a family passion for music. Holm began studying guitar at the age of ten and at the age of 16 became the singer of his first band, the Danish hardcore band Urban Achievers.

It wasn’t until his father accidentally found some demo stored on Holm’s laptop that Yung took shape and became the next Holm. So he decided that he needed his own platform.

Holm started a band to perform live under the name Yung

Both performed as part of Sneer Hat, including Frederick Nyabo Veale on drums and Tobias Guldberg on bass. The trio soon teamed up with Emil Jethsen, who took additional guitar assignments.

Young’s debut album, Falter, was released only in Denmark, although it was cut for an EP in 2015 and was named Altar for international release. In September of that year, Yung released his second EP, Ye Ponder, Like Mandatory Chorus, followed by Yung’s first official album in 2016, Youthful Dream, via Fat Possum in the UK and Tuff Love Records in North America.

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