Create Facebook Account Without Number Or Email

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Create a Facebook account without email or number


Hey friends, our today’s article is about How To Create Facebook Account Without Number Or Email.  In this article. I am going to tell you step by step to creating a Facebook account without number or email. Now without wasting more time of yours, let’s begin the article.

How To Create Facebook Account Without Number Or Email.

Sometimes we need more Facebook accounts that we have. But the problem arises when we have not enough phone numbers to make more Facebook accounts. So, to solve this problem we bring you our today’s article. In this article, you will get to know about how you can create a Facebook account without phone or email. Therefore, read below sections of the article.

Create a Facebook Account without Email


1.Temporary Disposable email

( Disposable email – is a service that allows to receive email at a temporary address that self-destructed after a certain time elapses.)

3.Details to make FB account

4. Done.

What Is Disposable E-mail?

First, you have a temporary disposable email. Disposable email is a service that allows receiving email at a temporary address that self-destructed after a certain time elapses.  you can use this email only one time.

There are Lot’s of websites who provides Disposable email…Search on Google you can find or you can pick these websites are given below:-

  1. 10 Minute (Recommended)
  2. 10 Minute
  3. Temp mail

Benefits of Disposable email.

Each user of Internet faced the problem of registration on this or that resource. Specifying our mailbox we open the way for advertisements, unnecessary notifications, and spam.

If registration was done on some services then the user can obtain hundreds of useless letters. Among this junk, it’s very hard to find necessary messages.

The main point about to use Disposable mail is to solve this problem.

Steps to Create a Facebook account without number or email.

Now you know what is disposable email and why we use disposable email. Now let’s move on the real topic.

  1. First Go to 10 Minute           FB ACCOUNT WITHOUT NUMBER
  2. Get a Disposable mail
  3. Open facebook.comFACEBOOK WITHOUT NUMBER
  4. Create a new account on facebook
  5. Enter your Details name and enter disposable mail
  6.  Then click on create an FB account
  7. Check the facebook verify code on 10minute mailFACEBOOK WITHOUT VERIFYFACEBOOK WITHOUT
  8. Enter the facebook verify codeCRETAE FB WITHOUT NUMBER
  10. Your Facebook Account is created without email or phone number.FINAL

Create Facebook Account Without Mobile Number

To create a Facebook account without a mobile number. you just have to follow these simple steps. first, you must know what is Disposable number. If you don’t know what is a disposable number then you must read this post.

  1. Make a disposable number with text now app
  2. Open
  3. Click on sign up
  4. Fill name, date of birth, age, gender
  5. Enter the disposable number
  6. Now click on sign up
  7. Now enter the verification OTP from facebook
  8. All Done

Protecting your Privacy

With these steps, These steps help you to take control of your privacy and protect you and your personal information – not only from Facebook but on every other website that is available on the internet right now. Especially in this day and age, there are a lot of people –cybercriminals, spammer and fraudsters – that would really like to get a hold of all of the personal information that they can get. Have you ever wonder how and why spam emails find their way into your inboxes even if you haven’t given your email address to anyone? It might be these kinds of people(cybercriminals, spammer and fraudsters) at work. If you’re not careful, So be careful or you might find yourself with hundreds of spam emails. You also might be experiencing now some kind of unknown numbers texting you for promos, and events and whatnot, and you don’t recall who you’ve given your number to. Cybercriminals and fraudsters exploiting websites might also be the case in this scenario.

In any case, it definitely helps to be extra vigilant when transacting online, even if it’s just signing up for a website. If there’s a website that you don’t trust or have hesitations in creating an account with, you can take advantage of all of these temporary and disposable mobile numbers and email addresses. They are free of cost, so why not use them? In the end, everybody simply wants to sleep easy at night knowing that their information is safe and secure.

So if you’re in doubt, just simply generate a disposable email address or use a disposable phone number and you’re good to go. So Now you know how to use facebook account without number

Final Words

I hope guys, now you know how to create facebook account without verification. with this method, you can create many facebook account as you want. you can create multiple facebook accounts without phone verification


If any other user gets the same disposable email just like you had once then he can access your Facebook data and all of your info. So you must not upload any of your data and info that can harm you.

So Guys above we have given the method to create a facebook account without email or phone number. You can make multiple facebook accounts by using this trick.

If you are facing any issue or problem to creating facebook account without email or number then please ask your question in comment section. I will reply to you shortly and solve your problem with this method.

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Thanks for visiting.

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