Hello, all readers, we are here to review a car rental place in Bandar Lampung, so for the Lampung people, you don’t have to bother to find it anymore because what car are you looking for in this place Huh.

Apart from the full car, if you want to search for a driver, you have provided it too! So you no longer need to look for additional drivers and spend more money, mate.

Before we fully know what is available in SABAI Lampung Car Rental We need to know in advance what it means to rent a car, so what does it mean Check it out.

Understanding Car Rental

Car rental is a term or thing that is familiar to people in social life, because it has a very small but very clear meaning.

Where the term car hire is said very frequently in social life, both between the rich and the modest, start from the village interior to the city center.

When asked, the answer is very brief, namely a car rental service. The words for car rental come from 2 syllables in Indonesian, the word rental and the word car.

If we trace it to KBBI, the word rental means rental. So the explanation may represent the meaning of the term car rental, which is a car rental business.

SABAI Lampung Car Rental It can also explain that Sanaya rental can be interpreted using a daily rental method as a rental service provider and can be done using the contract driver (s) and can also be unlocked. That can be interpreted without a driver.

Now this is a little explanation about the meaning of car rental, apart from that we can rent a car, we can also hire services for the shuttle, to find out the full, you can find the list below Can see, friend.

List of SABAI Rental Car Shuttle Services

As mentioned above, we will provide a list of services for shuttle services, which are as follows:

  • Hotel & Airport Transfer
  • Shuttle for office, service, company, unit, business unit program and BUMN and BUMD
  • Travel transfers can go to the island of Pahawang or the coast of Kiluan
  • Family event whether it is a wedding reception or graduation ceremony
  • And there may be other events, both formal or informal.

Surely you must also be wondering why you have to hire in SABAI? What are the benefits of renting in SABAI? Both these questions will be answered with the explanation given below.

Advantages or advantages of car rental in SABAI

If coverage is within Bandar Lampung or its adjoining city, the price is as follows, including pickup at Redin Intan II Airport.

  1. For the price of Rp. Is 650,000
    You will be picked up by INNOVA REBORN.
  2. For the price of Rp. Rs 450,000
    You will be picked up by AVANZA or XENIA

The price we have offered will definitely not burden the tenant as the price is included. Include Namely car, parking, fuel, as well as food, but TOLL payment, not with friend.

Apart from being cheaper, if you choose us, you will also get the benefit, that is, all our drivers are also know in Bandar Lampung, Dinus, Agency, Company, Office, Bank, Bank, Tourism Lodging and Culinary.

Apart from the above two benefits, there is no need to order and pay for the car. advanced payment Or often in DP, all you have to do is make a booking via chat on the WhatsApp application. Payment will be completed on the last day of use, either transfer and Cash Who can be assigned Driver.

We will always respond to orders via telephone and via chat on WhatsApp. And if you have agreed then the drawer will pick up immediately.

In addition to the above benefits, SABAI also provides each of its fleets in a new, clean and streamlined condition. And we will provide the driver

  • Intellectual
  • Cooperative
  • clean

With a driver like this, would we be enjoying the journey comfortably? And we don’t even have to worry about getting lost because as mentioned above, all our drivers have missed places in the districts of Bandar Lampung and Lampung Province.

Maybe all of them can be told in this article, so for those of you who want to rent a car, just contact SABAI Rent Car WhatsApp or via the website https://www.rentalmobillampung.co.id/