Amazing SHOOT ‘EM UP shooting and car racing game! 🔥🔥🔥

Put your super sports car on the track in an unprecedented racing and shooting game that combines 2D and 3D graphics! You must free the city from chaos by eliminating various criminal bosses. Destroy enemies on the way, launch missiles, dodge bombs on the track and use unique special weapons that raise the bar for classic shooter style. Chaos Road is an action packed shooter game where you can drive different cars and rid the city of crime with an arsenal of different weapons. Explore scenarios, eliminate rivals and dominate all the tracks in this incredible racing game!

● Leave bosses and gangs behind to reach the top and rid the city of riots and chaos.
● Upgrade your car and gear by adding armor, equipping drones and acquiring unique special weapons.
● Go on daily and weekly missions to earn big rewards.
● Various drones with different mechanics and a complete arsenal to help you improve your performance.
● Play in different scenarios against a large number of enemies.
● Try out innovative mechanics that combine 2D and 3D images, making the game more dynamic, fun and unique.
● Challenge the big bosses of the criminal gangs, each boss has his own unique vehicle with distinctive and challenging weapons, every battle is new.
● Detonate your enemies with guided missiles, drones, lasers, gamma rays, bombs and power-ups to aid you in battle.
● Accelerate on many different tracks, each with its own challenges and enemies; and show that you are the best in this incredible racing and action experience.
● Play offline.

ATTENTION! Chaos Road is completely free, but some in-game items can be purchased for real money. You can activate / deactivate these purchases on your device. You need an internet connection to receive daily rewards and to make in-app purchases.
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