Good news for ML or Mobile Legends game lovers, because through the event held by Alfagift MLBB: you can get free skins, here’s how, the first step is to download the Alfagit application first. Later it will be explained about the complete method.

Alfagift is an application that can be accessed by loyal consumers of one of the well-known supermarkets in Indonesia, namely Alfamart. Generally, this application provides the most updated information about product promos, discount vouchers, and access to online shopping at Alfamart via virtual members.

What is the Alfagift MLBB Event?

Fans of the Mobile Legend Bang Bang game really have to take part in the Winter Gala event held by Alfamart. The reason is, you can get skins like Furious Tiger Chou, Venom Fusion, Lightborn Fanny, and many other skins for free. How, very interesting, right?

Please note carefully, that you can get the free Mobile Legend skin only on December 19, 2020. So, you should prepare yourself now so you don’t lose fast to other players. Moreover, there is a possibility that this free skin is given on a limited basis.

How to get free MLBB skin through Alfagift?

How to get free MLBB skin through Alfagift

To get free skins from Alfagift, all you have to do is exchange the points in your Alfagift account. Then, replace it with the desired skin. Keep in mind, you must collect points first to be redeemed. Then, how do you get Alfagift points?

  • Shop at Alfamart with the payment method via Alfagift.
  • Play the game in the Alfagift application (if you successfully complete the given mission, you can get decent points).

How to Exchange Alfagift Points with MLBB SKIN

After knowing how to collect points to take part in Alfagift MLBB: you can get free skins, here’s how to redeem the points you have collected. The first thing to do, of course, is to download the Alfagift application via a smartphone or tablet.

The complete guide to exchanging points for skins is as follows:

  1. Download the Alfagift application through the App Store for Apple users, and the Play Store for Android users.
  2. Install the application on a smartphone device.
  3. Open the application. On the main homepage you will see an illustration of the typical Alfamart crew store card.
  4. Immediately register (for those who don’t have an Alfagift account). You can sign up using your cellphone number, then fill in the registration form provided.
  5. After the registration process is complete. Next, you just have to enter the application menu.
  6. Tap the menu “Voucher” which is located in the upper left corner.
  7. Select “See All” in the get voucher section. Automatically you will see several choices of Mobile Legend Bang Bang skins that can be obtained free of charge.
  8. Exchange the points that have been collected with the skin value.

What is the Minimum Number of Points to Redeem?

Don’t be too happy in advance because you think that you can exchange any points you have. To get free skins at the event organized by Alfagift and Moonton, you must have at least 1800 – 2250 points.

While you still have 2 days before the event opens to a wide audience, you can start increasing your shopping through Alfagift. So, can collect more points. The more points you have, the cooler the skin you can get.

In addition, shopping using Alfagift has nothing to lose. Because it is more practical when compared to buying directly from the store. If you make a purchase via the application, then you just sit back and relax while waiting for the order to be delivered by Alfamart couriers.

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After knowing how to get and exchange Alfagift MLBB points: you can get free skins, here’s how, which is fairly easy. You shouldn’t waste this opportunity to get more points before the Winter Gala event starts.