12 February, 2021

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Truecaller Caller ID Block There is an application which is very useful in this millennium era. In such modern times, all parties have a smart phone smart Fone And many are unaccounted for.

What True collar That? Truecaller is an application for the cell phone user to locate the caller. Therefore, users will not be confused by calling an unknown number.

Truecaller apk pro can automatically write the registered name of the person who calls the user when the call arrives, or when the user enters a certain number. Apart from cell phones, users can also use Truecaller from browser.

Features in truecaller

What are the features inside Truecaller Caller ID & DialerThe Some of these features can be used better and it makes it easier for users to maintain cellphone privacy.

Often bothered by unknown messages? For example, such as illegal online credit messages, fraud, and so on. Using Truecaller, users can separate these ambiguous messages into spam columns.

Truecaller has important message recognition capabilities as well as messages that were explicitly spammed and intended to be sent to a large number of people Blaming.

  • Know the owner of the phone

When the user activates the Truecaller, the user can find out who is calling. How to do? On each smartphone, users usually enter their name or any other name that identifies them.

Truecaller Indonesia Truecaller will show the name to the users, so that the user knows who is calling / texting them.

  • Know the name of a unique number in Truecaller user’s contacts

As the best anti-scamming application, there are many people who use Truecaller. The downloader also reached 500 million people. When we enter a fixed number, the name used by other Truecaller users stores the number that the number will appear.

Therefore, users can know who owns the number. Other users will certainly not lie when saving a specific contact number.

  • Block Unclear Call / Scam

This is a very useful feature of Truecaller and it can protect users from various crimes. Truecaller can quickly block numbers that keep calling, numbers you don’t want to call. Or numbers in which fraud has been detected.

Therefore, users will not bother with these numbers because they are blocked using Truecaller.

In some cases, users are required to record phone conversations. For example, as evidence, and so on. OK, users can automatically record calls to Truecaller.

After that, listen to the recording in storage. The recording can be heard without sound Noise Whatever it is, so it can be a very strong piece of evidence.

Download Truecaller Location Indonesia Mod APK

In fact, not all Truecaller features can be used for free. Users have to pay to enjoy such things

  • Search an unlimited number of phone numbers
  • Find Our Name Searcher on Truecaller
  • Making data invisible while others find out who is looking for their number on Truecaller.

To get unlimited features, users can open links Download truecaller for mobile below it. It is a pro-modified application that can be downloaded for free, there is no need to pay now.

Truecaller MOD APKdownload
Shape35 MB | 49 MB

Download apk file v10.64.4

Download apk file [Mod] v10.64.4

How to use truecaller location


Already downloaded the Truecaller application? Here’s how to start using the Truecaller application.

  • Make Truecaller the main application

Shortly after download Location of truecaller, So now is the time Install truecaller app And make Truecaller the ultimate caller app. Select the Truecaller option as the main caller application, then follow the next steps.

By doing this, the user will directly allow Truecaller to access the contacts and find out who is calling and sending SMS messages to the user.

  • Sign up and login truecaller

To start using the Truecaller Caller ID block application, users must first sign up with a cellphone number. Use a cellphone number on your cellphone so that it is easy to verify directly by Truecaller

After that, the user can begin Login truecaller And start running it on mobile.

After logging in, users can now fully utilize the features of Truecaller. Search for phones, see names when receiving calls and chat scams apart from chats that are important and mandatory for users to know.

Therefore, downloading and using Truecaller will help users maximize communication and convenience in the midst of this rapidly growing artificial era.

Let’s download Truecaller Caller ID Block Realize the various benefits on your cellphone right now without the need to pay more.

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