Jurnalfakta.com – Pyaar Ke Bandhan trailer and Synopsis for Wednesday 5 May 262 episodes. In the end, Elsa manages to escape from Ricky for his mother who puts sleeping pills in Ricky’s food. Meanwhile, Al’s condition is getting better every day, even though he has not transferred from the ICU. For the trailer and synopsis of today’s love affair, 5 May 2021 episode 262, you can read the full description below.

Endin and Mama Rosa earnestly awaited Aldebaran, who was still weak, in the ICU, Al’s condition continued to improve, although at times he experienced frequent drops. Aldebaran is still thinking about Reena’s DNA test letter. Al fears that Andin and Mama Roja already know the results of the DNA test.

In a summary of Prem Bandhan on Wednesday 5 May, episode 262, Elsa again lied to her mother. He did not accept that he had met Reiki before. And the hotel has a bed relationship with Reiki.

Elsa is very afraid that her mother knows about this problem. Because Mama Sara did not ask for much, Elsa finally expelled her mother from the house, meanwhile, Pak Surya also came home from the hospital. Knowing that Mama Sara had just returned home, Pak Surya asked Mother where she came from.

He argued that he first opened it with Elsa. In Mama Sara’s heart, it was impossible for her to tell what had just happened. If she tells the story, Papa Surya will suspect Elsa and Ricky’s relationship.

Because Papa Surya did not ask any further questions, Mama Sara finally asked Pak Surya about Aldebaran’s condition. Papa Surya then replies that Al’s condition is getting better, though sometimes he still falls.

Elsa returns home, thinking about the Nino DNA test letter. Elsa knew that Nino was daydreaming, he asked what was wrong. But Nino didn’t want to be honest, he thought about the DNA test sheet, and in Al’s ICU room. Because he almost got involved in a fight with Anga.

Nino still wonders why Anga’s attitude is so chaotic when he keeps the DNA test paper. Nino was suspicious and curious about the results of the DNA test.

Also, in Love Bond episode 262, Wednesday May 5, 2021. Rafael is desperate to enter Rikki’s house, which is on fire. He doesn’t want Rikki to do anything. Rafael is also sure that Rikki is still inside, as Rafael sees Ricky’s car in front of the house.

While inside, Rafael wondered why Ricky fainted. Finally, Ricky finds out from his sleeping pills, he is surprised that Rafael was in front of him. Rikki then remembers being with Elsa, suddenly bobbing her head and then not knowing what had happened.

Rafael tries to ask Ricky what happened until the fire broke out in his house and he could get out. Although Ricky’s condition is still not recovering from his affair, he cannot answer Rafael’s question.

Rikki has a complaint against Elsa, she says that Elsa almost killed her. Rikki wants to answer Elsa, Rikki wants to contact Elsa, but Elsa does not answer, as she is still with Nino.

Ricky eventually becomes furious with Elsa, as Elsa is playing with herself and almost hurts herself.

Meanwhile, Randy wonders why Rikki’s house caught fire. However Rafael said that Reiki would be an event. Randy senses that something is strange, something is wrong with Reiki.

Randy then contacts Rafael and asks for Ricky’s position. Rafael then stated that Ricky survived the fire. However, Ricky has not yet revealed the incident that led to his house being set on fire and why Ricky was going out.

Al’s condition gets better, then Andin enters Al’s ICU room. He talks to Al, Andine, and Mama Rosa, wishing that Al recovers as soon as possible so that he can meet again at home.

Andin continues to encourage Al, so that Al is excited for his recovery. However, Al looked at Andin’s face as if he couldn’t see Andin’s attitude if he knew who Reyna really was. Al still realizes his fears. If Andine leaves him, Andin realizes that Reyna is his biological child.

Well, this is the trailer and synopsis of Pyaar Ke Bandhan for Wednesday May 5, 2021. Hopefully, with the leaking of this Prem Bandhan episode 262, all of you will be more curious about the story of the next Prem Bandhan.