Bellara VIP App – Do You Know Fire Games For Free? The latest application for Headshot exists and FF can get free diamonds in the game. The application is called Bellara VIP app, please download the latest updated Bellara VIP FF application with the most complete menu mod 2021. Currently, the best-selling mobile game in the market called Free Fire is created by a Garina developer, which attracts 60 million active players every day. Why do you play so many free fire games that 60 million players actively play FF ​​games every day? Of course there are many reasons for this, such as being small or small, always being events, etc. There are of course a lot of players in Free Fire games who are looking for cheating skills, or we just call it theater. There are a lot of cheating techniques in free fire games, there used to be something called Godstam, nagulik eject injector and now we will discuss Bellara VIP app.

Currently, there are many online games that offer IAP system functions (in-app purchases), including weapon skins, character skins, accessories and other forms, such as free shooting, player unknown battlefield, call of duty mobile phone, mobile Legend, Veer Arena. And so on.

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About the Bellara VIP app?

The Bellara VIP application is a tool, or as we call it a cheat tool, meant to cheat in games. But the game that will be fooled here is Garina Free Fire. You can use the Bellara vape FF to take actions on behalf of Gerna, and the tasks in the Bellara VIP APK are also not very different from the Cheat Godstam application in the Free Fire Mode menu. This application is also similar to other cheat tools, such as Free Fire Mod APK, where you will get unlimited diamonds, anti logs, auto objective, auto front photo, professional purpose, unlimited, quick crack and many other features.

This free fire game is based on shooting games. The last player wins, or better known as Boah. However, turning your palm to reach Boya is not as easy. When playing free shooting games, we must have mature skills and strategy. In addition, the opponents we faced included experienced professional players. Of course this is our homework, so we can face our opponents. No wonder many survivors use shortcut keys to cheat using the FF Cheat tool or APK. There are currently a lot of cheat applications that can cheat and play fire games for free, allowing you to easily catch idiots.

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Belara vape app mod ff download latest 2021

Bellara VIP APK Latest Menu Mod 2021 Features

In this case talking about ff cheat app, we will share the application for Bellara VIP APK FF Game Cheat. Using this cheater application, there is a mod apk menu whose task is to make it easy for you to access Booby.

Before you enter the download link for Bellara vip application, it is better if you already know what bellara vip apk is. So, this vip bellara application is a cheat application for free fire games that has modern menu apk function.

“Free Shooting” 2021 has been updated several times under various names. First, FF Winterlands, Wonderland was defeated, and is currently “Free Shooting Fury”. Features are added to every update that were not there before, and every update always prevents errors that can be recorded using a non-cheat fire application.

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Download Bellara VIP APK v20 Latest diamond 2021


For the Bellara VIP FF application, this professional gamer has been successful in creating a new experience for free for friends who want to try out the skills. Therefore, for those who want to download bellara apk vip agni for free, please download the given link for free.

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Bellara VIP application menu mode features FF

The various functions of the mod free fire menu apk have functions that can help you defeat your enemies easily. Some of the functions of the free Fire Mod menu in this application include AIM Robot, Auto Headshot, AIM Shooting, AIM Zoom and others. The free fire game sitter application developed by developer Bellara Blurx is no longer in doubt. Even the sitter ff app is one of the most popular cheat apk in free shooting game players.

These are the latest features of bellara vip ff update apk 2021

This application has many functions, so you just have to choose the cheat technique you want to use.

  • Auto headshot
  • Self-observed
  • Purpose bot
  • Spot
  • Objective Fove: 0
  • To zoom
  • Hand antenna data
  • no return
  • Anti logs
  • It rained
  • Unlock im
  • Speed ​​hack
  • Pink body
  • Noit mode
  • Unrestricted
  • ESP on / off
  • Esp name
  • ESP distance
  • ESP Laser Line 007
  • Run with medkit
  • Ignore objective
  • Aim behind the wall
  • Teleport Pro ++
  • ESP Color: Red
  • Speed ​​of sound x25
  • And many others

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How to use bellara app vip mod free fire anti ban

Playing games in Free Fire is hard to win. The option to win is simple, you can use the Bellara VIP APK Cheat app. This application is a modification of the third creation that is almost identical to the FF Skin tool. On the FF Skin tool, users who open the application in the game display will get the Mod menu option. You can now enable options in the menu, such as automatic headshot, cracked map, or unlimited diamonds.

How to use Bellara application? Of course, after installing this cheat tool, you are confused about the first step you should take. Therefore, Mimin is here to guide you for clarity.

  • Please open the Free Fire app and Bellara VIP Mod APK on Android
  • Then please select the cheat function you want to use, my friends can see the function we wrote above
  • If you choose, please try playing in classic mode, you can play singles, doubles or team
  • Then you will use Bellara Game Cheat to your liking
  • Success

You can also spoof the Free Fire Mod application menu created by Bella Blurx. If you have downloaded it, please install it to use the bellara APK. Please refer to the above guide.

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Is Belra VIP FF Cheat Safe?

If you ask if it is safe to use Bellara VIP APK, then the answer is not safe. You need to understand all the third party applications whose functions are harmful to the game and even other players so that the developers can find it. The developer will not hesitate to permanently block the account. Therefore, before using this sit एफएफ application, you have to reconsider the risks that will be taken. And if you are curious, you can use another account to reduce it while playing free fire games with this application.

Any fraud committed by gamers has consequences, and Garena declares that those who use minimal fraud in any form will be severely punished. Gerna’s penalty for violating the rules of the game is a permanent account ban, which is very damaging to free-fire players who get too many skins, bundles, etc.

For that, if you want to use mod apk mod bellara vip cheat ff menu, then you have to use a backup account which is still rookie which means that your account was just created.

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Last word

This is all about discussion of Bellara VIP APP application for free fire games, please use it wisely as per your requirements, thanks