Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date June 18 Confirmed by Krafton?

Battlegrounds Mobile India June 18 release date confirmed? Check out Krafton’s latest clue: Since the rebrand of PUBG Mobile India, Krafton has been very tense regarding more details about the game. With the pre-registration currently live on the Google Play Store, fans are going crazy with each and every trailer posted by officials.

Today, the South Korean publisher dropped another cryptic clue on its official social media identifiers. They’ve posted a picture of a gift-wrapped frying pan along with a few other items on a table. Numerous Airdrops doodles and PUBG’s iconic level 3 helmet are printed on the wrap. Now, officials have captioned the post with “Guess the date and let us know in the comments below.”

Fans on the internet immediately searched for clues in the image and came up with something that looks promising. There are some numbers on a graphics page that are placed right next to the tray. By adding all the visible numbers, they have obtained the digit 18. Fans are now going crazy over this discovery, as many prominent content creators across the country had already hinted at the June 18 release date.

Previously, in another post, Krafton had highlighted “it’s almost time” referring to the launch of the Indian edition of PUBG Mobile. The post is subtitled ” It is almost time. It’s time to rebuild the memories, play with your friends, and celebrate with a chicken dinner! ” This undoubtedly confirms that we are only a few days away from the official launch and that everything is going quite well.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date Jun 18 Triggered By PUBG Mobile Influencers

Mortal, Ghatak & Maxtern had already teased the June 18 release date. Mortal, the serene champion, was one of the few content creators who has been very upset by any leak. But it seems that not even he can contain the emotion. Referring to the exact release date, Mortal took to his Twitter account and posted “12345, the date consists of some of these numbers”

Similarly, another PUBG Mobile influencer, Sagar Thakur, aka Maxtern, tweeted a binary code that translates to 18062021. According to his tweet, Battlegrounds Mobile India could launch on June 18.

Ghatak, on the other hand, has been the source of major updates on Battlegrounds Mobile India. He even posted long YouTube videos addressing all the queries and concerns that people have regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India. In addition to his daily Instagram updates, this time he posted a tweet stating that Battlegrounds Mobile India will launch in the third week of June.