Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date Jun 18? Deadly comments

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date June 18? Deadly comments: Battlegrounds Mobile India has been in the headlines since it was announced on May 6. The game has attracted a lot of attention recently, especially with celebrities in the gaming community fueling speculation about the release date.

Deadly in Battlegrounds Mobile India release date

It is said in the city that there is a good chance that the game will be released on June 18. Fans of the game have tried to confirm this on Mortal’s live chat and many other streamers. In his recent broadcast, Mortal addressed this query. According to sources, he shared that the game will launch in the third week of June, but the date, June 18, is not confirmed yet. At this time, it can be any date in the third week, including June 18.

Previously, Naman Mathur aka Mortal joined the speculation by advancing the exact release date in a misleading way. Mortal, the serene champion, was one of the few content creators who has been very uptight by any leak, but it seems that even he cannot contain the excitement. Referring to the exact release date, Mortal took to his Twitter account and posted “12345, the date consists of some of these numbers”

Ghatak, on the other hand, has been the source of major updates on Battlegrounds Mobile India. He even posted long YouTube videos addressing all the queries and concerns that people have regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India. In addition to his daily Instagram updates, this time he posted a tweet stating that Battlegrounds Mobile India will launch in the third week of June.

While pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India has already begun, Krafton has yet to reveal an official release date. Although, Krafton has been regularly teasing the game’s release through official social media. With all the hype, the official Battlegrounds Mobile India YouTube channel surpassed 4 million subscribers within a few days. Each and every one of the advances that have been published on the channel have received millions of visits in a few hours. This shows how eagerly the community has been waiting for the relaunch of their favorite Battle Royale.

If you have not previously registered for the game yet, please follow this link to register your account. Link:

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