Antimage Praises ECHO Bennyqt How to Play on M4, Marksman Users Must Know! – Bennyqt is a loyal gold laner who helped ECHO win the M4 World Championship Mobile Legends tournament. Antiimage praised Benedict’s performance while Gold Lanyer edited RRQ Hoshi’s heroes.

Please note, ECHO defeated RRQ Hoshi 3-1 in the lower bracket final of the M4 World Championship.

Through YouTube channelHis Maxwell “Antiimage” Leonardo praised Benicit’s playing.

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ECHO Gold Laner has the right timing when it comes out of hiding and kills RRQ players.

Antiimage stated that this Beniq game should be emulated by Marksman users. In the third game, ECHO and RRQ got ready to fight Lord.

EVOS Antiimage (instagram/evos.antimage)
While Antimage is still a pro player. (Instagram/evos.antimage)

Unexpectedly, Benicit Carrey’s hero slipped out of the RRQ Jungle and launched a surprising attack.

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Bennyqt immediately chose Skylar, Vin, and Clay. Beniqt’s triple kill gave ECHO the edge in the final game.

Guys, God is dying, but Benedict is not in the group. In fact, when I was still a pro player, I learned things like this via scrim. They hide a good sniper or a smart sniper. For example, if the positions were more even, the teams would fight. And you will be fighting outside the zone that is not close to tourists. A smart marcher will definitely not appear on the map at first, but will first hide in the forest until the scout develops his skills. Bennyqt does this during team fights.said Antiimage.

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FYI, Bennyqt has done great stats on M4 Mobile Legends. In total, Beniqt has amassed over 130 kills in the M4 World Championship.

Bennyqt is the gold laner with the highest average kills in this prestigious tournament. He ranks third as the highest KDA average player.

KDA average is 7 points. ECHO Bennyqt collected 133 kills, 36 deaths, and 118 assists in M4 Mobile Legends. If you are a Hero Marksman user, Bennyqt is worth emulating how to play.

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