Prestige Boxes in Free Fire and Prestige Box Rewards: Free Fire One of the most famous Battle Royal games on the mobile platform.

Since release, the developers of the game have been continuously engaging with the game from time to time with new updates and new features. And in this game old players are also kept new.

The game offers a wide range of cosmetic items such as bundles, gun skin glue walls, backpacks and more. Although these decorative items do not affect the gameplay of the users, but players are attracted to them.

Developers regularly add several outfits, and more recently, they added elite bundles, which Prestige box a Are available in

What are the battle tags in Free Fire

Prestige Boxes in Free Fire and its Rewards

Prestige box a One of the crates that players can buy from the in-game store by paying 25 diamonds. Two bundles – Operation Elite Bundle and Contingency Elite Bundle – contain mythological items available in this crate.

The probability of acquiring a mythical item is 1%, while the volume of a common item is 99%. The player Prestige Token A You can also redeem the bundle and many other rewards by collecting the required number of.

How to get Free Cobra Guardian Backpack skin in Free Fire

Prestige boxe The list of rewards received from:

  • The Operation Elite Bundle
  • The Contingency Elite Bundle
  • 1x Prestige Token A
  • 2x Prestige Token A
  • 3x Prestige Token A
  • 5x Prestige Token A
  • 10x Prestige Token A

Here is a list of rewards that can be redeemed using Prestige Token A: –

  • Bonfire – 1 Prestige Token A
  • Diamond Royale Voucher – 4 Prestige Token A
  • Weapon Royale Voucher – 4 Prestige Token A
  • Cube fragment – 5 Prestige Token A
  • Name change card – 20 Prestige Token A
  • The Operation Elite Bundle – 60 Prestige Token A
  • The Contingency Elite Bundle – 60 Prestige Token A

How to buy Prestige Box in Free Fire

Step 1 First of all the players Free fire The game has to be opened and you can click on the store icon on the left side of the lobby screen.

Step 2 The in-game store will open, and they can press the ‘Boxes’ tab.

Step 3 Players Prestige box Can select and press the purchase option. A dialog box will appear, asking to confirm the purchase.