A company that sold mosquito repellent lamps with the Huawei logo was fined 4.5 billion birr.

Techraf.com – The court fined 2 million yuan or 4.5 billion birr against companies using the Huawei logo. The company sells mosquito repellent lamps and headphones with the Huawei logo on its official website.

Shenzhen Zhiyuan Network Logic has to pay fines for trademark infringement.

Huawei has filed an unfair competition lawsuit against the company in Chinese courts.

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In the lawsuit, Huawei claimed that Zhuang had infringed on its trademark rights, demanding compensation from the company.

The product in question is a mosquito killer lamp and headphones. Both products are sold through Xuan’s online shop and are branded with the words Huawei.

Huawei logo
Huawei logo

the GizmochinaThe reason is, Xiaomi products are marketed using a problematic Huawei-like logo.

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The plaintiff, Huawei, claims that Xuan’s actions amount to trademark infringement. Zhuyuan was accused of false advertising, which is unfair competition.

With estimated sales of over 500,000 units, Huawei has identified up to nine product links.

Product sales revenue is estimated at 7.55 million yuan ($1.11 million) or Rp 16.8 billion.

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Chinese courts have ruled that Xuan copied and imitated Huawei’s trademark. They must pay Huawei 2 million yuan or Rp 4.5 billion in compensation.