Joking is an art we have all been blessed with. Here we are discussing the best joke websites that are mind blowing in the funny genre. The Internet is the only place where you can spend your time. Either way, watching trolls, videos or text messages. But many of you are facilitating the best funny jokes and pranks on the internet. But many of us have no idea of ​​those websites where we can find some better jokes. So here we have listed the 15 best joke websites on the internet of 2021.

April 1st is famous for pranks and in Italy you can always consider these websites for digital jokes or internet jokes.

This turns out to be hilarious for those who perform and watch the joke, but it is really frustrating for the victims. April 1st is the day that is celebrated every year as April Fool’s Day. On this day, everyone tries to be very cautious so as not to be fooled as, on this day, everyone is trying to prank someone or the other.

Creative joke websites for trolling your friends and teasing.

What does “joke / troll” mean?

According to the Internet, “Pranking” is the act of making a hilarious video on any thread or post online by intentionally posting an objectionable one.

The best joke websites of 2021

1. Love Calculator Prank

Each of us is excited to learn about the future. Detecting and guessing future updates early is a new excitement. You just have to hope that the fake news shared by your futuristic fake site has never been seen by anyone, especially those you are playing the joke on.

2. WhatsFake

By using this website, you can have fake conversions that will look like an authentic WhatsApp chat.

3. Fake Update

This website shows the update screen of iOS, Android and Windows phones! It’s not the real update screen, but a fake one that you can use to prank your friends.

4. Shit Express

This website allows you to send shit to anyone and anywhere on Earth. Also, you can choose which animal shit you want to send.

5. Peter Answers

Peter Answers is google for fools. If you have a friend who is bothering you with the dumbest question possible, Peter Answer could help. Peter Answer is basically a website that answers questions in a stupid and annoying way.

6. PrankDial

If you’ve ever pranked someone with fake calls, you know how insane it gets. Do you want to make it crazier? Try Prank Dial. Prank Dial is actually a fake calling website that has hundreds of small calls recorded.

7. Don’t press the red button

This old joke is like Pandora’s box. When someone forbids you to do something, your curiosity takes over.

You feel compelled to do it. This is where the fun in the joke lies. You send your friends a link asking them not to press the red button.


Once again, happy April 1st to all. These were some of the best pranks or troll sites on the internet of 2021 that you can use to prank or troll your friends, enemies or colleagues etc. let us know in the comments.