The trend of using 5G smartphones is growing rapidly, no wonder that many people are looking for recommendations for the best 5G cell phones this year. Of course, 5G cell phones should support 5G connectivity on US mobile operators.

All major US carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile / Sprint, and Verizon have active and expanded 5G networks. 5G phones provide faster connectivity than 4G LTE, providing higher download and upload speeds wherever you are.

But keep in mind that not all phones are compatible with 5G and not all phones support ultra-wideband 5G networks that provide high bandwidth connections.

Well, here we want to recommend the list of best 5G phones in 2021. Curious? Come see!

Best and latest 5G phones

Most of the current 5G phones in the market are flagship, but more affordable mid-range 5G phones are available from companies such as OnePlus, Motorola, and Samsung. Here are the most popular 5G phones:

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G


· Awesome camera

· Super strength

· productivity gains

· Good battery life


· very expensive

· difficult to handle

· QHD + or 120Hz, not both

· Fingerprint sensor is slow

Price: +/- IDR 15 million

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G Review:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is a smartphone that offers high-end technology and substantial features at the highest price of all smartphones in this class. The phone looks great with a massive 6.8-inch display, which you can run at crisp QHD + resolution or a very smooth 120Hz refresh rate (but not both at the same time).

The Note 20 Ultra also features an excellent and versatile triple camera array, a very fast processor, sufficient battery life, and a pop-out S Pen stylus for increased productivity.

With support for sub 6Ghz and mmWave 5G connectivity, it can also provide faster download on the go and static streaming.

We found the Note 20 Ultra to be a bit too big to be comfortable in day-to-day use, but aside the size, this is a truly impressive phone. That said, it is an expensive smartphone that can match or almost match in many ways by today’s top flagship phones, making it a very expensive and obvious choice.

Screen size: 6.9 inches | Resolution: 3088 × 1440 | Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ | Camera: Rear 108MP / 12MP / 12MP and 10MP front | Battery: 4,500mAh

2. Apple iPhone 12

Best apple 5g phone


· Attractive design

· very powerful

· Full 5G support

· Beautiful screen

· Awesome camera

What we don’t like

· 60 Hz screen only

· No external storage

· Does not contain electric bricks

Price: +/- IDR 11 million (lowest price)

Apple iPhone 12 Review

Another great 5G phone, the iPhone 12, retains the notched look of the latest models, packing major improvements across the board. The iPhone 12 has a more attractive display for a flatter frame, and is also thinner and lighter in the process.

The design also has a 6.1-inch OLED display which is very good and sharp and benefits from contrast and black levels.

Screen size: 6.1 inch | Resolution: 2532 × 1170 | Processor: A14 Bionic | Camera: 12MP / 12MP Rear and 12MP Front | Battery: 2,815mAh.

3. Samsung Galaxy A71 5G

Cheapest samsung 5g phone


· Long battery life

· Big and beautiful screen

· Smooth performance

· 5G support


· Not waterproof

· Not bad speakers

· Unlock / does not work on Verizon 5G

Price: +/- IDR 5.4 million

Samsung galaxy a71 5g review

Samsung is another in the list of the best 5G phones, but don’t worry, the A71 is a different type of 5G phone than the rest. It costs less than other Samsung phones, making it one of the more affordable phones in this list.

Although it is cheaper, it still offers solid mid-range performance. You get a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED with 24-inch × 1080 resolution, resulting in 393ppi. There are no special frills like high refresh rates or HDR, but the phone is powered by the Exynos 980 processor and has 6GB / 8GB of RAM with 128GB of storage, allowing for a solid level of multitasking and minimal gaming.

The camera quality is superb, with a 64MP main camera, 12MP ultra wide, 5MP macro and a quad array with 5MP depth sensor. This feature can record 4K video at 30fps and 1080p at 120fps.

Also, even if it doesn’t have waterproofing or wireless charging, you’ll get a 4,500mAh battery, fast charging, and most of the key features such as dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0. For those who do not need all the extra features, the A71 is a very capable 5G phone at a reasonable price.

Screen size: 6.7 inches | Resolution: 2400 × 1080 | Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 | Camera: 64MP / 12MP / 5MP / 5MP Rear and 32MP Front | Battery: 4,500mAh

4. Motorola Moto Edge

Best cheap motorola 5g phone


· Special appearance

· Powerful performance

· Full Verizon 5G Support

· Battery lasts for two days

· Headphone port


· Curved screen problem

· Clever design is wobbly

· Low light shooting

· very expensive

· No ip rating

Price: +/- IDR 8 million

Motorola Edge + Review:

The Edge + is Motorola’s first high-end flagship 5G phone in years. Whereas Verizon Exclusive Edge + impresses with some of its key features, such as powerful performance, incredible 5G speed, and epic battery life.

The ultra-curved waterfall display is unique among phones in the US market, but such sharp curves change the display at the edges of the screen and sometimes accidental taps and touches and faux. When installed on a flat surface, the sleek design also tends to stagger further down.

Add in decent low-light camera performance and the Motorola Edge + is easily beaten by many other flagship phones today, including some that are $ 200-300 dollars cheaper.

Screen size: 6.7 inches | Resolution: 2340 × 1080 | Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G | Camera: 64MP / 8MP / 16MP Rear and 25MP Front | Battery: 4,500mAh

5. OnePlus Nord N10 5G

Best 5g phone


· Great value for 5G phones

· solid performance

· Fast charging, long battery life

· 90 Hz Screen

· Oxygen os is smooth


· Lcd screen dim

· Android 12 will not be found

· Non-main camera is weak

· No warning slider

Price: +/- IDR 4 million

OnePlus Nord N10 5G Review

The Nord N10 5G shows that the biggest strength of OnePlus can be its feature-rich and highly affordable mid-range phone. Despite its cheaper price, the OnePlus Nord N10 5G offers fast 5G connectivity, solid performance, long battery life, and surprisingly high-end features such as a 90Hz display and fast 30W charge.

It comes with some cavities, such as a dim screen and a limited Android upgrade package (slate to get Android 11 only), but otherwise, the OnePlus Nord N10 5G does not have major drawbacks that break the deal. If you are looking for the best 5G phone that runs well and does not cost $ 500 or more, this is easily your best bet.

Screen size: 6.49 inches | Resolution: 2400 × 1080 | Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 | Camera: 64MP / 8MP / 2MP / 2MP Rear and 16MP Front | Battery: 4,300mAh

6. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

Samsung fold best 5g phone


· Unique folding design

· High resolution screen with high refresh rate

· Strong glasses

· Strong camera capability


· Screens can be fragile

· very expensive

Price: +/- IDR 24 million

Please review:

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is one of the best 5G phones in the market with an impressive foldable design. It takes the best of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Z Flip, to make a special 5G foldable phone.

The Fold 2 features Samsung’s famous folding Dynamic AMOLED display that opens on the hinge. When fully opened, this panel gives you a total screen size of 7.6 inches (2208 × 1768), which basically gives you the tablet in the smartphone tablet factor.

The display supports HDR10 + for great multimedia content, has a smooth 120Hz refresh rate, and when turned off, has a 6.23-inch cover display, allowing you to see notifications, time, date, and more. Can use the app.

When it comes to hardware, the Z Fold2 matches Samsung’s other top phones such as Note20 Ultra and S20 Ultra. You get a Snapdragon 865+ processor, 12GB RAM, 256GB and 512GB storage options, and all the other features you want such as dual-band Wi-Fi, USB-C charging, wireless charging, reverse wireless charging and fast charging.

The camera’s performance looks solid on paper, with three 12MP sensors with wide, telephoto and ultra wide sensors, dual 10Mp front sensors and the ability to record in 4K format. Like other top flagships in Samsung’s lineup, there is a 5G modem for faster uplink and downlink.

Specialty: 6.23 inches and 7.6 inches. Resolution: 2260 × 816 and 2208 × 1768 | Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ | Camera: Rear 12MP / 12MP / 12MP and 30MP front | Battery: 4,500 mAh

7. OnePlus 8T

oneplus best 5g phone


· Very fast charging

· Beautiful 120 hertz screen

· Basic 5G support

· 256GB storage

· Smooth performance


· Incompatible camera

· No water resistance feature

· Rear glass stain

· No mmWave 5G

Price: +/- IDR 10 million

Review of OnePlus 8T:

One of the best 5G phones, it has a 6.55-inch OLED display with a smooth scrolling 120Hz beauty. Also, the OnePlus 8T also has great performance, massive storage and basic 5G compatibility.

Not only this, this phone also delivers very fast thanks to the 65W Warp Charger feature. These specifications make it the best 5G cellphone that is capable of full cell 0% in just 35 minutes.

However, the incompatible camera does not match up to similarly competitive competitors such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G or the Apple iPhone 12/12 Mini. Apart from this, the phone also does not have IP certification for its resistance to dust and water.

Screen size: 6.55 inches | Resolution: 2400 × 1080 | Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 | Camera: 48MP / 16MP / 5MP / 2MP Rear and 16MP Front | Battery: 4,500 mAh

From some recommendations for the 7 best 5G phones in 2021, what are you aiming for?