The K13 SD report card application is one of the most sought-after applications for elementary school teachers. By using this application, the value processing process becomes faster and easier. This is the main reason why modern teachers like today download and use this application a lot.

The application is provided in two forms, namely Excel and software. Whichever version of the application is used doesn’t matter, as it still proves good for the input process or other assessment purposes. Well, for those who are looking for references, here are the best K13 SD report cards that can be used.

Recommendations for SD K13 Report Card Applications that are Suitable for Teachers

Currently, various K13 report card applications have been circulating, both free and paid. Even so, many applications have complicated interfaces that make it difficult for teachers to use the application for the first time.

So before buying an application, it’s better to be more careful so as not to have trouble or take too long to learn how to use the application. Well, here are some easy-to-use application recommendations that are suitable for teacher use.

1. K13 Elementary School Report Card by Nurhayati Mualif

The K13 report card application for elementary students was developed by Nurhayati Mualif on her blog. In addition, this application is also shared by the blog which is famous for its educational applications that have helped educators.

Already available a variety of improvements from this popular report card application. Its interface is also pleasing to the eye so it doesn’t seem monotonous. Not only that, the features provided are also complete. For example, the award certificate feature that can be applied to students.

2. K13 Elementary School Report Card by Hasbullah Jaini

The second application is an application that is distributed by class teachers of SDN 1 Sidorejo Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan. The report card application for the 13 elementary school curriculum is distributed free of charge on his blog. Complete with the use of a username and password that can be used to log into the application.

Interestingly, the application also continues to experience improvements and revisions so that it adapts to the needs of elementary school teacher assessments. For those who intend to use this application, you can download it immediately. Username and password are available so you don’t need to create them again.

3. K13 SD report cards by Made Murdiartana

You should also try this application, because it really helps the student assessment process that the teacher will do. This application is one of the most shared on educational blogs with the name of the application maker, Made Murdiartana.

He is a teacher from Bali who created and developed this report card application. The application uses an Excel format so that it is easy to use and already refers to the 2013 Curriculum-based assessment guidelines. This report card application is very helpful for teachers.

4. K13 Elementary School Report Card by Alfi Hasan

The next report card application recommendation is an application made by Alfi Hasan which is also provided free of charge and is easy to use. So that applications can run optimally, it is recommended to use MS Office 2010 or a version above.

So, please upgrade your MS Office first if you are still using the 2003 or 2007 version. The application does not include local content KD because every school has different conditions. Interestingly, you can still add them yourself if needed.

5. K13 SD report card by Kang Martho

Kang Martho’s blog also often shares various educational applications that help teachers, including the report card application for elementary schools in the 2013 Curriculum. There are interesting features such as additional certificates, awards and so on.

Some of the K13 SD report card applications above have different advantages. The features they offer also vary so that users can customize them as needed. By downloading this application, the student assessment process will be easier without fear of making mistakes.