Velam Became a bird in early 2021 as it was able to compete with popular games on Steam Dota 2, PUBG, And Cs: go. The number of players can reach hundreds of thousands of players every day. So far, the game made by Iron Gate DeeperT It has sold over 4 million copies since its initial release.

But do you know what style it is Valhim Open world exists. Games with this style attract a lot of players. Even though there is no competitive element, open world survival games usually prioritize players’ comfort. Therefore, many players are loyal to the game.

Actually not only Valhim Only successful as an open world survival game. The following is a list of the five best open world survival games in 2021:

It cannot be denied Valhim It is said to be the best open world survival game in 2021. In this game with the theme of Viking era, players are required to explore and survive on a land. Later there will also be various characters who become enemies of the players.

Valhim PVE (player vs. environment) focuses on games that can be played with a maximum of 10 players. It’s a mainstay Valhim The features are quality and the gameplay is very good. Therefore, many players like this one game.

Before it was Valhim, Arc: Survival Evolves Open world survival game lovers. This game released in 2017 provides a very challenging survival game. Players are placed on an island with terrifying monsters like dinosaurs. Not only do they have to defend or struggle against nature, but players are also challenged to face each other. Wildcard Studios as a developer has been successful in maintaining the game’s popularity to date.

rust Can be called a game with the original open world survival style. Players really need to survive like the wild. Starting out looking for food items, creating a safety zone, forming a group, fighting each other to show what the best player / group is in the game.

rust Focuses more on the fight between PVP (player vs. player). Players can fight one on one or even fight between groups involving hundreds of players simultaneously. Apart from this, the features in the game are also largely fulfilled, including the equipment available from prehistoric times to modern times. rust.

Sea of ​​thieves A game that is Boom In early 2020. The game is a theme of adventure as a pirate with an open world lifestyle. In this game, players can feel the experience of being a pirate. Sea exploration, looting, fighting between pirate groups can be started from here. It not only provides a new experience as a pirate, but also brings exceptional gameplay and features to the Rare Limited game as a developer. Sea of ​​thieves.

The raft An open world is a survival game that tells a teenager to survive by building a raft. Players are required to collect equipment from objects on the island or to collect waste scattered in the sea as their new home. Players can play alone or with other players to avoid the rigors of nature. Games by Redbeet Interactive provide a new experience in racking up brains and honing skills to survive in the jungle.

They are the five best open world survival games in 2021. Even though they have only been released over the years, these games already have millions of active players who are loyal to playing their games as they provide an impressive gaming experience to play.