The problem most iPhone 6 users experience is iCloud lock. Actually, how to unlock iCloud iPhone 6 is very easy. It’s just that users don’t know how. Not a few who immediately took the cellphone to the iCloud account opening service.

This kind of thing really doesn’t hurt. But if you know a more in-depth way, of course there are other improvements that can be used instead of having to rely on the iCloud unlock method for certain services. As we know, the repair costs are also quite large.

The Easiest and Free Way to Unlock iCloud iPhone 6

For those who experience iCloud not opening because you forgot your password, you can use several methods that we will discuss. Here are a few options you can follow.

1. Via Normal Password Reset

The first way to open a locked iCloud is to use a normal password reset. Please follow the following tutorial:

  1. Sign in to the website first.
  2. Once the website is open, you can enter your Apple ID and then select Continue to continue the next process.
  3. Then you can choose Unlock Account.
  4. At this stage there are several menu options provided.
  5. You can choose Get an email and then select Continue.
  6. After that, the password reset results will be sent to the email that has been entered.

When using this method, make sure you don’t forget the email you entered when creating your iCloud account during registration. The goal is that email can be used when iCloud is locked and you forget the password.

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2. Via Reset Password Without Computer

As the name suggests, this is another way that can be used to reset a forgotten iCloud password without using a computer. You only need to use the HP device. Here is the tutorial:

  1. Please open the website same as above,
  2. After that enter your Apple ID that you have.
  3. Then choose Continue to continue the next process.
  4. If so, you can choose the second iCloud Account unlock method, namely Answer Security Question.
  5. Continue by selecting Continue.
  6. At this point, you must enter the date of birth. Please fill it directly in the space provided.
  7. Then choose Continue.
  8. Next, you are faced with several questions for account security. The questions given are different because they are adjusted to the choices when registering for an iCloud account before.
  9. Make sure each question is answered with the same answer when you first sign up.
  10. If it fails or goes wrong, you can’t open iCloud. Even the Apple will give a warning.

For those who have done the two methods above but are still not successful, you can use the following methods.

3. Via Remove iCloud

This last method can be used as an alternative if the two methods above fail or don’t work. The method is very easy. You can follow the tutorial below:

  1. Please arrange so Find My iPhone is disabled.
  2. After that, you can go straight delete iCloud account.
  3. If you have deleted the old iCloud account, you can change the old account to the new one.
  4. Next try updating the app using the App Store.
  5. If it is successfully applied to the application, then the iPhone is also updated successfully. But if not, then the opposite.

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How to unlock iCloud iPhone 6 is very diverse, so users can adjust the method that will be used. Actually, besides the three ways above, you can also open an iCloud account using the device’s iMei, restore to Factory Default and several other ways. However, the method above is the easiest so it is suitable for beginners to use.