10 Free and Fast Instagram Video Download Applications

As one of the Instagram social media users, there are times when we want to save Instagram videos to gallery. Be it content in the form of videos, photos, stories, reels and other posts. We can do all that with the help of Instagram video downloader application which we will discuss in a moment.

As we know that Instagram does not provide this feature because Instagram itself does not allow users to download it. This applies to other people’s posts as well as our own.

Nevertheless, now you do not need to worry as you can do it with the help of third parties. You can use Instagram video download site or use an application. Here is a collection of the best Instagram video downloader apps on Android that you can use for free.

1. Snaptic

snaptik is a free Instagram video download app that provides a super fast video download experience on Android phones. You don’t even need to manually paste the link in the textbox, as this apk automatically fills the textbox with the link you have copied and the video can be downloaded and saved directly to the gallery in HD quality.

Apart from offering speed, SnapTik also provides a user interface which is simple and easy to use even for beginners. However, you will have to watch an advertisement before the download process starts.

Not only Instagram videos, this app also provides video download services from other popular social media like Tiktok, Facebook and Twitter. Here are some of the IG content you can download using SnapTik: photos, videos, ig stories and reels.

How to use SnapTik app:

  • First of all, copy the Instagram video link which you want to download.
  • open the app snaptik And the link will be auto populated.
  • button download video And wait for the ad to run till it ends.
  • Videos in mp4 format are automatically downloaded and saved in the gallery. more precise in directory Movie/Snap X,

2. A downloader for Instagram

a downloader for instagram

further there a downloader for instagram Which provides features and speed that are not inferior to the previous application. If you have copied the IG link, this application will generate a link immediately when the application is opened, you don’t even need to press the download button as everything is done automatically.

Nevertheless, you will still have to watch an ad before the download process starts. It’s similar to SnapTik and some other apps.

Interestingly, it also has the facility to extract audio from the videos we have downloaded earlier. In addition, we can also post videos directly to our IG account through this application.

How to use Downloader for Instagram:

  • Copy the IG link you want to download.
  • Once the link is successfully copied, open the application and wait for the generate link process.
  • Then wait for the ad to end.
  • Finally, the video will be downloaded and directly saved in the gallery in the directory Movies/A_DownloaderForInstagram,

3. Inmate Pro

insmate pro

inmate pro There is one Instagram video downloader application that you need to consider. This is because this application has innumerable features that will make it easy for you in the download process.

Especially the mass download feature that allows you to download multiple videos at once. In addition it also features fastsave Which will download the video immediately after the link is copied without switching applications.

How to use the InsMate Pro app directly on Instagram:

  • Enter the Instagram app.
  • Find videos to download.
  • Once found, click on the three dot menu in the top right corner of the video.
  • click button share and select an application inmate pro,
  • Wait till the process is finished and the video is automatically saved in the directory Download/Insmate Pro,

4. InstaSaver

insta saver

instasaver is an Instagram video download application that is worth a try. this is apk interface Which is simple and easy to use. Similar to some of the applications discussed earlier, InstaSaver alsoMake Link and download videos automatically when the app is running.

In addition to using the copy link method, InstaSaver also provides a download feature through a browser. So you can easily download IG videos directly in this application. Of course, you have to log in first using your Instagram account in InstaSaver APK.

How to use InstaSaver:

  • First copy the Instagram post link that you download.
  • open the app instasaverWait for the generate link process.
  • After that the video will be automatically downloaded and saved in the gallery to be exact in the directory Movie/Instagram Save,

5. Video Downloader – Story Saver

video Downloader

next application is Video Downloader – Story Saver Which also provides speed and ease of use. The way it works is also similar to some of the previous applications.

This application will detect previously copied links and generate them automatically, you don’t even need to press the download button as the process is fully automatic.

How to use video downloader application:

  • Copy the video link which you want to download.
  • open the app video Downloader,
  • Wait for the automatic generate and download process to finish.
  • Videos are directly saved to gallery or folder Movies/Insta Saver,

6. InSaver


the next best instagram video download application in sever, This app provides a simple user interface and it is definitely easy for everyone to use it. Not only is it attractive to look at, its overall features are also worth noting.

The way to use it is almost the same as before, just copy the IG video link you want, then open the InSaver application.

In addition, there is also a download feature through the browser, with this feature you can download videos directly from the InSaver application. But your IG account must be logged in to the InSaver application first.

How to use InSaver:

  • First copy the IG video link to be downloaded.
  • Open the app after copying in sever,
  • Wait for the generate link process and the video will be downloaded automatically.
  • Please enter the directory to see the results of the download Movie/Downloader_for_Instagram,

7. Insta Downloader

insta downloader

insta downloader is an Instagram video downloader application that automatically generates links without pasting first. So the download process will be faster.

The size of the apk file is also not very large, which is only around 6MB. Besides this, Insta Downloader also has a simple UI which is easy to use for everyone. But unfortunately to be able to use Insta Downloader you need to log in to the application using an Instagram account.

Here’s how to use Insta Downloader:

  • Open Instagram application and copy video link to download.
  • then run the application insta downloader,
  • Wait for the generate link process and press the button download,

8. Reels Video Downloader for Ins

reels video downloader for ins

Despite the name of this application reels video downloader for ins, But its function is not only to download Reels IG videos. The app can also download photos, videos, stories and reels. There is also a facility to download DP or Instagram profile photo.

The file size for the app is also relatively small, only around 11MB. How to use Reels Video Downloader for Ins:

  • First, copy the desired IG video link.
  • open the app reels video downloader for insthen choose a menu instagram downloader,
  • The application automatically detects the link you copied and waits for the download process to finish.
  • To see the result, please enter the folder download/reel downloader,

9. InsGates


If you want an Instagram video downloader application with a customizable theme, insgate is the correct option. This application provides a choice of theme colors that are quite varied and elegant.

Apart from this, this application also provides many settings like media quality to set download location.

Here’s how to use the insets:

  • Copy the video link which you want to download.
  • Next, open the application insgate And select the button with the down arrow (download) icon.
  • Wait for the generate link process to finish and the video will be downloaded and automatically saved in the gallery.
  • the default location is in the directory movies/casts,

10. Save from IG

save from ig

is the final application save from ig Which provides the facility to download Instagram videos. It’s relatively simple in appearance and doesn’t have a lot of menus available.

But the video downloading capability is very fast and it is all done automatically by Save From IG.

Here’s how to use Save from IG:

  • Copy IG video link to download.
  • open the app save from ig,
  • Then the application will process the link you copied automatically.
  • Wait till the download process is finished.
  • Download results can be found in the directory Downloads/IGSaver Archive,

So, here are our recommendations for the best Instagram video download apps on Android that you can try out. You can get all the above apps for free and without watermark as well. If you found this article useful, please share it with your friends via share button below.