Internet Package Indosat – Indosat IM3 is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) or Internet Service Provider which is quite widely used in Indonesia.

There are many reasons why many people use this IM3, one of which is that it has a relatively inexpensive price with a large enough quota.

Apart from this, there are many package options that we can choose from ranging from daily, weekly and monthly packages with a very easy list.

Indosat has also provided 4G LTE network, which is now a mandatory requirement. Because this 4G LTE network has its advantages compared to 3G, H + and other networks.

Some of the reasons for using 4G LTE network are as follows.

  • Data access speeds with download speeds of up to 185 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 41 Mbps.
  • Stream video without buffering.
  • Multi Player Game.
  • High speed multi device connection

Therefore, make sure that your smartphone supports 4G LTE network so that you can enjoy the 4G internet package from IM3. Apart from IM3 to 4G LTE internet packages, we will also provide a list of Indosat IM3 Unlimited Internet Packages on Android phones.

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Best Selling Cheapest IM3 Super Internet Package In 2021

10+ Best Selling Indosat 2021 Internet Package

As the name implies, Super Internet, this Internet package of IM3, supports Internet access with speeds up to 42 Mbps on Indosat’s all-new network. Apart from this, you can also stream videos on YouTube without buffering.

You can also download and upload files very fast. No need to worry, as Indosat’s new network is in more than 23 cities across Indonesia. Please buy Indocat internet package.

Daily IM3 Internet Quota Package (24 Hours)

quotacostPackage way
30 MBRp 2,000QUOTA 2K
60 MBIDR 3,000QUOTA 3K

Cheap Weekly IM3 Internet Quota Package

quotacostSms code
250 MBIDR 10,000QUOTA 10K

Cheap monthly IM3 internet quota package

quotacostHow to register
150 MBRp10,00010k to 363 monthly
600 MBRp29,900QUOTA 29k to 363
2 GBIDR 49,000QUOTA 49k to 363
3GB + 5 MP3 *Rp59,900KUOTA59k to 363
4.5 GB + 5 MP3 + Video Streaming **Rp.79,900KUOTA79k to 363
6.5 GBIDR 99,900From KUOTA99k to 363
13.5 GBRp199,900KUOTA199k to 363
1.5 GBIDR 39,900From KUOTA39k to 363

The list of Indosat IM3 Internet packages above with prices starting from Rp.49,000 already supports 4G LTE super network connection with download speeds of up to 185 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 41 Mbps.

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Yellow Indocet Oredu Package

One way for Indosat to attract consumers is to offer multiple promos for its products. After successfully introducing an unlimited Internet package for YouTube access through the MyIM3 application without the first time limit.

Currently, IndoSat offers 1GB internet quota for a day at a price of only IDR 1,000, of course much cheaper right?

The package has been designated by IndoSat as a Yellow Package, which you can use for 24 hours without sharing a quota, which will make you more satisfied in accessing the Internet for various activities. Apart from this, yellow packages can also be used on all networks starting with 2G, 3G and 4G.

This yellow package offers 3 options of cheap packages with 1GB quota. However, the only difference is the active duration and price. For more information, there is a price list and active duration for the Yellow Package that you can try.

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Active periodquotacost
one day1 GBRp1,000
3 days1 GBRp2,500
Ten days1 GBRp10,000

How to register for yellow package

Starting December 1, 2017, IM3 card users can enjoy this package by activating via USSD code. * 123 #.

Apart from this, users can also activate it through the MyIM3 application which can be downloaded directly from the Play Store / App Store.

Super wifi internet package

If you have a super wifi service from Indosat near you, you can try using it. Because Indosat’s super wifi internet package has high speed. The following is a price list for the Super Wifi internet package from Indosat that you can try.

package nameThe ratesActive periodFill in sms
of 1Rp1,0001K (60 minutes)SUPERWIFI1K
4KIDR 4,0004K (1 day)SUPERWIFI4K
20 kmIDR 20,00020K (7 days)SUPERWIFI20K
40 kmIDR 40,00040K (30 days)SUPERWIFI40K

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Latest Indosat 3 IM3 Price Quota Package 2021

One of the internet packages that allows many Indosat users to enjoy daily, weekly and monthly internet packages. Because the package offers a cheap price and a large enough quota.

You can also adjust the active period according to your needs, it can be daily, weekly or monthly. In general, many people will choose the monthly package because it is calculated to be cheaper. The following is a list of daily, weekly and monthly internet package prices from IndoSat.

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package namecostquota
dailyRp2,00020 MB
WeeklyRp10,000250 MB
MonthlyIDR 25,0004GB
MonthlyIDR 49,0007 GB
MonthlyRp99,9999 GB
MonthlyRp199,00014 GB

How to register:

  • You can use USSD code * 123 * 4 * 1 #.
  • You can also use SMS by typing quota cost sending 123. (Examples: Quota 25K)

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Unlimited Indosat Internet Packages

package namecostquota
dailyIDR 5,00050 MB
WeeklyIDR 25,000200 MB
MonthlyIDR 50,000500 MB
MonthlyIDR 100,0002 GB

This does not mean that there are no restrictions in the unlimited internet package, what is the meaning of the unlimited package above, if your daily internet usage has reached 50 MB then your internet speed will be reduced. The term is often referred to as FUP (Fair Use Policy).

How to register:

  • You can use USSD code * 123 * 4 * 1 #.
  • You can also use SMS by typing quota cost sending 123. (Examples: Quota 25K)

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IndoSat Unlimited 2021 Additional Quota Package

You can make this internet package as an option as it offers a much cheaper price.

In addition, there are several package options that you can choose from, so that you can adjust your needs or the remaining credits you have. The following is a price list for the additional quota package

75 MBRp1,000Additional 8900
200 MBRp 2,000Additional 15000
600 MBIDR 5,000Additional 25 km
2 GBRp10,000Additional 40 km
4GBIDR 20,000Additional 60 km
Is 6GBIDR 40,00080k extra

How to register:

  • You can use USSD code * 123 * 4 * 1 #.
  • You can also use the SMS format by typing Apart from cost sending 123. (Examples: Additional 25K)

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Cheap indosat rollover internet package 2021

Apart from some cheap Indosat internet packages that we discussed above, there are other Indosat internet packages that you can choose from, namely rollover packages.

There are many package options that you can choose from, ranging from monthly, weekly, even daily packages at much cheaper prices. The following is the price list for the rollover package

Monthly rollover

The packagequota4g quotacost
16 GB8 GB8 GBRp160,000
10 GB5 GB5 GBRp130,000
8 GB4GB4GBRp 85,000
4GB2 GB2 GBRp65,000
2 GB1 GB1 GBRp45,000

Weekly rollover

The packagequotacost
100 MB100 MBRp10,000

Daily rollover

The packagequotacost
100 MB100 MBRp10,000
50 MB50 MBIDR 5,000
15 MB15 MBIDR 3,000

Freedom Plus Indosat Package

This Freedom Plus package is an internet package that was recently launched by Indosat with a bonus quota of up to 30GB. Following are some advantages if you use the Freedom Plus package.

  • If you shop on the MyIM3 application, you will get a quota bonus of up to 3GB.
  • Night quota bonus up to 22GB.
  • 4G quota bonus up to 5GB.
  • There is no time limit.
  • You can save the remaining quota up to 100GB for up to one year with data rollover.

If you are worried that you will run out of credit due to overuse of the Internet, make it easy. Since the PULSA SAFE facility is available, your credit will not be used if your internet quota is exceeded.

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With some of the advantages mentioned above, of course smartphone users who use the Internet often are even more pleasant and when their Internet quota is exhausted, they won’t have to worry about being sucked. The following is a list of prices for the Freedom Plus package.

NamequotaQuota bonuscost
Freedom Internet 3 GB25GB (main 3GB, night 18GB, 4GB 4G)1GB (7 days)IDR 55,000
Freedom Internet 5 GB32GB (main 5GB, night 22GB, 5GB 4G)3 GB (7 days)Rp65,000
9 GB Freedom Internet33GB (Primary 9GB, Night 16GB, 5GB 4G)3 GB (7 days)IDR 75,000
20GB Freedom Internet35GB (main 20GB, 10GB night, 5GB 4G)3 GB (7 days)Rp110,000

Pros of Freedom Internet Package:

  • Can be used on all Indosat Ooredoo networks.
  • no time limit.
  • Save remaining main quota with rollover data
  • YouTube and daily applications without using the main quota.
  • Can be purchased on the MyIM3 application

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IndoSat Freedom Combo Package

This Freedom Combo Package offers the best internet package with a very large quota bonus. If you use this Freedom Combo Package, you will get the following advantages.

  • Very Complete Package.
  • There is no time limit.
  • Night quota bonus up to 20GB.
  • The remaining quota can be done in the next month using data rollover.
  • Daily application without using the main quota.
  • Can be used on all networks.
  • Unlimited calls to partner IndoSat.
  • Stream with additional quota for streaming.
  • Secured credit with PULSA SAFE facility.
12GB (2GB, 3GB BONUS 4G, 5GB NIGHT)2GB storage everyday, appsRp65,000
26 GB (4 GB, 8 GB Bonus 4G, 10 GB Night)4GB storage everyday, appsIDR 100,000
41 GB (8 GB, 12 GB Bonus 4G, 15 GB Night)6GB storage on, apps everydayRp150,000
65GB (12GB, 25GB BONUS 4G, 20GB Night)8GB storage everyday, appsIDR 200,000

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Indosat Youtube Unlimited Package

For those of you who like to play social media like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc., then you are bound to use this one package.

Because this package offers a very affordable price, which is only IDR 5,000, you can use social media as much as you want. The PULSA SAFE feature will also calm you down.

YouTube and Instagram unlimited packages will be activated automatically when registering. However, when you reach the normal daily usage limit, this speed will be reduced to 512 Kbps. You can buy it directly through USSD code * 123 # Or through the MyIM3 application.

We have a brief discussion about the cheapest Indosat Odoru internet package with various options ranging from daily, weekly and monthly internet packages and unlimited social media internet packages.

If your IndoSat Internet is slow or lagging, you can try out how to solve the slow IndoSat Internet that the administrator has shared.

Hopefully this can be especially useful for those of you who are looking for Indosat Odoru internet packages at affordable prices.

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