Some time ago, Samsung released a breakthrough by releasing a new smartphone that has a relatively cheap price with a pretty fierce spec.

Of course this is very surprising, because Samsung does not usually issue cheap phones with fierce specs, namely the Samsung Galaxy M20.

Then, how do you screenshot the Samsung M20?

To make it easier to take screenshots on this smartphone, Samsung has provided several features that will make it easier for you to capture screen images.

However, you must activate this feature first.

For more details, please see the explanation of how to screenshot the following Samsung M20.

How to screenshot Samsung M20 with ease

1. With Button

This one screenshot method is arguably the most common and powerful, because almost all smartphones can use this method. The trick is:

  1. Make sure your Samsung M20 is turned on.
  2. Determine which screen display you will screenshot.
  3. Then you can do a screenshot by pressing the volume down + power button for a few moments.
  4. Then your cellphone screen will flash and you hear a check sound which indicates that the screen display has been captured or successfully screenshot.
  5. You can access the screenshot results and see through the notification that appears directly or you can open it in the Gallery application.

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2. Using Game Launcher

This one way is to use the menu in the Game Launcher of the Samsung M20.

This menu will offer a variety of features that will really help the tone of playing the game.

For example, it will improve performance when playing games and you can also use it to capture the screen (screenshots).

This game launcher is a small menu besides the navigation buttons that will appear automatically when you start playing games on the Samsung Galaxy M20.

This one feature is deliberately presented by Samsung especially for those of you who are mobile game lovers.

Besides being able to be used for screen screenshots, it turns out that you can use this feature to record the screen, in other words you can record all the games you are playing without using additional applications.

However, you must activate this feature first by:

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  1. Enter the settings menu on the Samsung M20 that you are using.
  2. Then choose Advanced Features.
  3. On the Advanced Features menu page, please select the menu Game.
  4. Then you can activate the Game Launcher by changing it to position ON.
  5. After all the settings above have been completed, you can immediately play your favorite game.
  6. When the game is open and running, you only need to swipe from right to left
  7. Next, various complete button options will appear and there is a circle button with a star which indicates the Game Tools logo.
    the Game Tools logo
  8. To do a screen screenshot, you can press the button Screen image / screenshot which is at the bottom.
    Screen image / screenshot
  9. Then you can find the results of the screnshoot in the gallery application.

This one method may be more complicated than the first method. However, this method is one of the easiest alternatives for you to use while playing the game.

The Samsung Galaxy M20 is a Samsung smartphone that has specifications equivalent to the Galaxy A Series but at a lower price.

With this lower price, of course there is a little improvement that Samsung has made, including using a plastic body which has a cheaper production cost but is not cheap.

On the screen, this smartphone uses the latest screen from Samsung with an Infinity Display type measuring 6.3 inches.

However, this screen does not use the super Amoled technology like the one in Samsung’s flangships in general, but uses the PLS TFT Display screen type which of course has a relatively more affordable price.

With gahar specifications and relatively cheaper prices, the presence of this smartphone will certainly be a competitor to the Redmi Note 7 which has similar specs and prices.

The Samsung Galxy M20 uses the typical Samsung Android stock ROm which provides a simple but quite charming appearance.